Meaning of “DEY” and practical example

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Mostly Verb

Meaning of “DEY”

Example Sentence :

To do a particular task or doing a particular thing

  • I dey watch cartoon boss no disturb me (I’m watching cartoon, please don’t disturb)
  • I dey wash plate, you fit come back ( I’m washing place, can you come back)
  • I dey help my maale run errand, I go buzz you later (I’m helping my mother, I will give you a call later)

To affirm something

  • I dey serious brother ( I’m serious brother)
  • I dey with you mafo! ( I’m with you, don’t get freaked out)
  • I dey! (I’m fine)
  • E go dey! No worry ( he/she will be fine don’t worry)
  • E dey pah! ( it very sure)

To ask about something or someone or as to their where-about

  1. Where you con dey go brother? ( where are you then heading towards?)
  2. Se you don dey eye that babe ni? (are you already interested in that babe?)
  3. Se you don dey go? ( are you going already?)
  4. You don dey ment? (you are really getting crazy?)


To ask someone to not disturb or an advise to refrain

  1. Omo! You better dey your dey, make you no go kpai ( Man! It’s good you’re on your own, so you won’t jeopadize
  2. No dey with me ogbeni! ( don’t clinch with me man!)
  3. I just dey dey my dey, alaye no come close (I’m just on my own, don’t come close)
  4. Una dey mad ( y’all are mad)

History and Etymology


Nigeria, from old colonial Lagos

Benin, Coutonou

Sierra Leone, old creole, freed slave


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