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This post is a direct reaction of the former one and I suppose it’d pertinent to also discuss the opposing view of “teachers are more important than doctors”, some guys suppose in a mail that the opposing view should be done for proper understanding and for everyone to know how to go about opposing view also, I was surprised the very fast reaction, and that’s cool guys keep it coming, that’s what we’re here for, if you are seeing this for the first time you can check Teachers are more important than doctors” the supporting view.” 

Now let us get down to business, as we can still recall all the greeting steps I made in that former post.

Good day, Most honorable chairman, Respected judges, Accurate time keeper, co-debaters and my august audience. My name is (then you put your name)

I stand before this honorable and reputable assembly to confidently support an indisputable and irrefutable fact which state: “Doctor are more important in our society than a teacher”.
I will like to define to your hearing the meaning of doctor and teacher.

Foremost, a teacher is a trained fellow in a particular field in order to impact knowledge, skills, morale, virtues and value unto anyone that is to learn something, on the other hand is the doctor who is medically trained to diagnose illness and proffer panacea or medical remedies to various form of health problem, doctor are more useful and important than teachers in numbers of ways.

Firstly, doctors are well respected anywhere you go through out the universe, to become a doctor at the first place is not an easy job and for that it accords anyone that attain it a respect, we should ask ourselves why is it that lot of parents wants their children to study medical related course in the university or any higher learning institutions?, a reading parent will not wake up and prophesies that his/her children should become a teacher, we all know that teachers receives meagre for salary and it is a glaring fact that the amount a doctor may collect in one month might be the per year wage of a teacher, so therefore why will someone tell me the usefulness of choosing the profession one can’t earn good money from, some teachers wallows in abject poverty, some cannot even afford a day meal, if a teacher therefore try to buy exotic car and erect buildings like a doctor, then he/she should be ready to go bankruptcy, teachers are most time going back to primitive but medical doctors are force to reckon with the society at large.


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Secondly, the adage “health is wealth” is a vital sayings that stretched the fact that if one health is not properly taken care of, there is always death around the corner as the word says, “tempus fugit, memento mori” I. E if one health is not properly taken care of then “time is flying and death is around the corner “, even a teacher cannot function without is health, a teacher with no sound health is like car with no engine, and what will car with no engine do? Totally motionless. Picking it from the fact that teachers produce great thinkers, this make them one of the force that create manpower initiatives to function in societal industry but can all this be done if there is no good health? Both the great minds and the teacher will be zero and nothing without the help of the doctor. Even medical report of any worker or teachers health is always demanded  before employment, this is done to get if the job that will be offer to a particular individual is fit for him/her, to counter the former I. E my leaned opponent should realize and be educate that one’s ability to go through a certain job goes beyond professionally trained for it, doctor will for all time ensure better medical treatment and prescription of drug is given to any patient for cure and precautions of dangerous diseases.

Moreover, doctors have been known for their high integrity and the help to humanity sake they have always involve their life in, one cannot just imagine their counterpart, the lecturers and the teacher, this people are now the transmitter of moral decadence that has make the society degenerate and gradually returning back to primitive, the lecturers in our higher institution only make way for those ladies that know the real way, the lecturer which we can call an higher teacher indeed will be the one to fail student that does not allow herself to be slept with and also they only pass who wants to in the name of satisfy my immoral desire and lust for sex. Academic excellence is no more valued and rewarded as it once was. The question I will like to pull across is that why will this so called lecturer stoop so low by having illegal affair with female students? Why do the higher teachers fails students and reduce the standards of education by receiving bribe from their students? If all this can be answer then I will have to ask more before then I will surrender.

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Moving on, despite doctors is use to seeing the private organ of people maybe during birth or medical operation, they will not for once stoops so low as to have sexual affairs with them for it is part of the practice to be diligent and self control in all that one see and could controls the mind. This is not true to their counterpart who cannot for one second hold that killing urge they have for sex with female student, although, this is not to criminalize or assume all male lecturers to be bad egg, but in real sense it takes extra power to see the impossible.

In conclusion, it is now an established law that doctors are better than teachers in all respect ranging from the time of payment of salary to work professionalism, most doctors keeps studying through new development, the advent of Covid-19, Omicron was nothing anyone knows of but with time, doctor start giving hope with vaccine compare to teacher then who mostly sleep in front of their Television and whiling away precious time. with this few point I suppose I have convince you and not put you under any shadow of down as to Doctor being better than teacher.

Thank you.

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