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We can’t ignore the fact that Religion, next to family, is the second oldest institution. It governs the social as well as personal behavior of man by providing guidelines, laws and principles relating to his interaction with his fellow man. It is believed that this was one of the strongest forces which used to maintain peace in the society.

One of the main aims of religion is to promote ‘justice’. Since justice is one of the main pillars of peace, the elements of peace and religion are same. Peace can be achieved only when there is law and order, and a state of harmony and mental calm prevails. From the beginning of the world, religion has existed to help individuals, groups and communities to achieve justice and peace.

If we look at history, we will find many examples where religion compels individuals, groups and communities to follow the path of peace and to avoid conflict. Religion serves as a means of providing peace and preventing Conflict in the following ways:

  1. Inter religious dialogue: Most religions of the World provide for religious interactions between themselves and other members of fellow religious beliefs. These so called interactions eventually provide for the standing of peace amongst these religious followers even though they be of different denominations.
  2. Promoting Tolerance: Religions all over the world also preach the act of tolerance to their followers. This on its stead, provides for peace and the prevention of conflict amongst people of the World.
  3. Inter religious activities: This is self explanatory as stated in the point per se, religious interactions between people of different religious beliefs under the umbrella of inter religious activities, gives a call for peace amongst such persons and thus, the prevention of Conflict.
  4. Promoting doctrines of Peace: Since various religions also promote to the best of their ability, the doctrine of peace amongst themselves and in interactions with people of the outside world, peace is gradually guaranteed.
  5. Preaching Forgiveness.
  6. Reconciliation of disputes amongst Disputants

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