Fast summary of “Umbrella Academy” Series

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Fast Rundown of Umbrella Academy

what is it all about? is Umbrella academy interesting? can i start Umbrella academy? here is a fast rundown of all


The storyline is literally based on the comic book of Gerald way. It talks about a particular supernatural event that happens in 1989, October 1st which brings about 43 women in the world got pregnant and in less than 5-minute give birth to 43 supernatural kids. They are scattered all across the globe and they all possess different type of supernatural power. The story became tensed from the beginning of season 1 in the first episode when Sir Reginal Hargreaves, a multi-billionaire always wearing a monocle decided and finally buy seven of the kids. By way of adoption, he kept these children in the Umbrella academy, a building he bought when he first got to American, as at then it was an umbrella shop. The Story then centers more on the kids and their power and the lifestyle of most stringent and always experimenting sir Hargreaves. Also, it is base on the existence of timeline and how different people exist both in the past and future even when they also exist in present. He (Hargreaves) blamed them (Umbrella Academy) for the cause of number 6 (Ben) death on a mission they went on in episode 10 season 2, even when Allison tries to tell him with sad heart it wasn’t their fault, he shuns her and told her “Excuses!” which really makes her feel sad.

Type of Series

  • Comical
  • Fantasy
  • Drama

Name of the Seven kids sir Reginal Hargreaves

  1. Luther
  2. Diego
  3. Allison
  4. Klaus
  5. Number 5 (they never mention is name)
  6. Ben (The dead one that communicate with Klaus)
  7. Vanya (changed in season 3 to become victor)

Nature of their Powers in Umbrella Academy

  1. Luther – Super Strength
  2. Diego – Trajectory Manipulation
  3. Allison – Mental Manipulation
  4. Klaus- Evocation
  5. Number 5 (they never mention is name) – Tele-potation
  6. Ben (The dead one that communicate with Klaus) – Horror
  7. Vanya – Sound Absorption

Familiar statements

Allison – “ I heard a Rumour”

Diego – “hi, I’m diego I’ve got knife”

What you’d like in the Series

  1. Sir Reginal Hargrave’s accent
  2. Klaus Attitude (you don’t really like it from start but at a time you kinda not be able tove out of it
  3. Allison’s Mind-game and being an actor even in the movie
  4. Number 5: always the harbinger of the bad thing to come
  5. Luther’s Comic face always as he doesn’t get the respect he deserves from their father




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