The Effect of Social Media (Negative and Positive)

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 Hello again, you’re welcome to our blog and we hope you already subscribe to our news letter, not to bore you with that brief, let quickly get down to business. The purpose of this post is to give insight on ;

  • What is social media?
  • Social media platforms 
  • How many active members are there on popular ones
  • Positive effect of social media
  • Negative effects  of social media
What is social media ?
Social media in its simplest form are those platforms where people come together through virtual means to communicate and interact with each other. This interaction could come in varieties which include business talk, love discussions, religion invitations and so on. According to Boyd and Ellison in 2018, they defined social media “as a platform to create profile, make explicit and traverse relationships”  and this has been sited over 13,000 times according to goggle scholar.
Social media over the year is fast taking out the traditional media, now what are the traditional media? To understand the motif of traditional media one has to see it from types which include Print and Electronic media, Print media for instance, over the years has lost it value, everyone loves to read newspaper in then days but with the advent of social media, it now moving out like a fading horse, so as magazines also. 
The motive that one could subscribe to a fashion blog newsletter to get new outfit and style even more finer and charming as sent out the love of having all of this things on Magazines, however,  traditional media still exist and it’s still been use by anyone who has penchant for it.

What are Social Media platforms? And how many number of active followers are on active ones

 There are of course different social media platforms people get to know each other, chat, talk, socialize and tranverse relationships,  but for the sake of this post, we will only be talking about ten and the numbers of active users according to research on ‘Google’

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  1. Facebook  ~ 2.23 billion active members 
  2. YouTube  ~ 1.9 billion active members
  3. Whatapp  ~ 1.5 billion active members
  4. Messenger  ~ 1.3 billion active members 
  5. We chat ~ 1.06 billion active members 
  6. Instagram ~ 1 billion active members 
  7. QQ ~ 861 million active members 
  8. Tumblr ~ 642 million active members 
  9. Q zone ~ 632 million active members 
  10. Tick tok ~ 500 million active members
Positive effects of social media 

Social media to a very great extent as really did contribute to the development of societies including helping a child know about customs, getting them socialize with friends and also many adult has recorded success with the help of social media, in relation to this by the way the positive effects of social media cannot be overemphasis and this include :

  • Influence children initiative : This is that any child born to a particular society, state, country or continent whatsoever once getting use to social media, such child initiative becomes wider and wider at a very fast pace, and this is due to the help of communication. There are of course many social media platforms that offers a child how to learn a new language, how to use an accent, even individual chats could help initiate a kid on things he/she might not know before which includes cooking, gaming and so on.
  • Education : The advent of social media has actually ease the work load of physical contact before educational activities can come to play, this is that there are now virtual programs, E-learning and many more Universities and other tertiary institution offers to students, even among kids, this is also the case. The advent of social media being an agent of education even played out well during this Pandemic where almost all countries of the world are on lock down, but this did not stop some educational activities as E-learnings on social media platforms does not require physical contact.
  • Shapen Mentality : The question is how does social media platforms sharpens ones mentality? Many people are now into E-commerce, selling through their pages, and these of course as actually helped many people meet their aims and goals at very tender age. This will shape the mentality of any social media user to the standard of thinking about how can I make it also? What can I be doing? What do I sell? What passion do I see in myself? All these are mentality sharpened theory cos you as a person as been influenced by what you see.
  • Entertainment : anyone in life that doesn’t like fun is a sadist, for this, joy and excitement is one of the things that make social media more helping. One get to know what’s going on among celebrities within one environment and even oversees with the help of social media.
  • A means to get socialized: social media platforms are means to getting socialize all day, there are some people who might not leave the comfort zone of the four walls of their buildings but laugh all day at sight of getting socialize with new people or even old friends. Social media offers the opportunity of meeting new friends, talking to long distance relations, settling dispute among lovers, build long relationships among groups and so on.
Negative effects of social media 
  • ADULT CONTENT : The issue of multiple sites offering adult content are at alarming rate and this has been a very big negative impact to the aim to which social media platforms are created for. Many kid and young ones instead of building their initiative on what can help their brain and build their reasoning faculty,  they rather go to social media platforms to seek mate who will share naked pictures and porn content with them. This has actually negate the purpose social media is created to serve.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF CRIME : This also has been at its peak just as immediately most of these social media platforms are created, the motive that some developing countries blame the government of such countries for their plight and misfortunes serves as the bedrock to using social media platforms to carry out these crime activities. The issue of kidnapping, , stalking a target before carrying out whatever operation by the criminal are few of the many negations of social media.
  • NEGATIVE THOUGHT : The very issue of “get rich quick” and the motive that “money does all thing” has been a very serious negation to the idea to which social media is based on. This negative thought has turn many student to criminals, many to kidnapper and all possible crime which could in real get them that rich quick stance they desire. All these happens as a result of seeing many influencers flaunt their luxurious cars and money of which also could be one leading negative factor to the creation of social media.
  • TAKES AWAY “PRECIOUS TIME” : Many “precious time” are lost dragging people on twitter, throlling people on social media, meanwhile relevance is not giving to one’s life. “Precious time” in this context is that many people waste their time doing something irrelevant on social media, and of course this are times which one could have manage thinking creative things. 
In conclusion, there is nothing in life which has advantages that comes not with simple or complex disadvantages, in this situation then, one has to know how to keep balance and make sure anything one is doing with social media is working for one’s good.

We’ve come to the end of this post, we’d like you come around next time for more relevant articles and of course relevant ones like this.

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