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The basic necessities of life has know by everyone is the three most wanting thing and that is Food, Clothing and Shelter, though for the sake of this post I will extend it from the main point and also put in some minor necessities which might give you more knowledge about what and what the necessity is mainly.

To start, let go into the main ones, as said earlier the main ones are:


1. FOOD : Food is a substance taken into the body, either for nourishment purpose or for making the body develop/mature, in life , food is one of the world necessity, without food human cannot survive , because it is what revive us and keep us going, some think to eat food is just a normal thing, I will tell you that eating food that you only count as a normal process extends it hand to for a great nourishment to your body system, when you take good food , you become strong, filled , healthy, good looking, hear well intact all the organa in your body works well without any obstructive or weak mode activated in your life and body, the essense of food to our life , body, brain ,organ is uncountable, major features or characteristics of food are below:

1. Nourishment of the body system – for something to be nourish is to be in healthy state and good looking for attraction and functioning purpose, the food we eat nourishes our body in the sense that the real beauty of the skin shines out and people see the healthy part in you, food as a means of nourishment purpose is an essential substance to always take in all time.

2. Makes you grow  : growth is one of the essential and foremost of what food does in body, argue this with me there is no way you consistently take bad food that won’t make your growth process low, growth is something we need to acquire in life but one of the way to get is eating or taking good food.

3. Helps you reason fast : for I don’t wanna divert this topic to another topic, I should have tell you more on food to eat that develops your IQ.


2. SHELTER : getting shelter is like an home, a house, a building  where one can hide or live after all day job, shelter also is one of the necessities of life, having one own shelter is like having 50% of all it take for a fellow to walk through life. Shelter as an house can be analyzed in two way I.e one could rent an apartment and at the same time one could get for oneself one.

Shelter is essential and it is something any ambitious or an optimistic person should put into their agenda from inception.

3. Clothing – clothing is the act of getting proper wear on that makes one looks smart and fitting for the society, the clothing
aspects is not just about wearing alone, it is wearing to fit into the societal class.

Clothing also serve as one of another leading necessities of life, as far as life is concern , so as we human have to put clothing in mind , it went further that some people say, clothing is the act of keeping secret in that  everyone has his or her own problem underneath, but with clothing, the issues is not very well known to anyone.

Now let talk about other necessities of life, as the world is growing away from traditional and its archaic form, there is a lot require of people of the world most of these factor now serve as other necessities of human being, part of it is this powerful one :

EDUCATION : Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, but there is what we call a formal education, formal education Is the act of acquiring knowledge in the four corners of a classroom whereby a teacher teaches and the student grabs the knowledge from what he speaks on or teaches, education of every little children to at least past through a primary education as the bill was passed by the united nation organization in conjunction with other bill of many state of the world.


Education is essential and at least should be acquire by even the poor class in the society in other for them not to be seen has nothing but nonsense in the Society.

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Bless up.

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