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Almost very many of our need in contemporary society has become necessity. These Necessities are so important that for any normal being to live the life he or she has imagined, he/she has to have the basic living necessities. With this brief introduction, we then ask ourselves what are the basic needs for life? What are life necessities? What are three basic needs? What are some necessities of life? what are necessities for living? What are basic needs/necessities of Life?

All the question above almost can be summarily said to be put in term of what are the basic necessities of life or what are the basic core needs man has to meet to survive. These questions can be answer in two stances, the first being the general and the other being the logical stance, for the latter, one could define basic necessity of life in term of region. One of the problems lots of African countries are facing which in turn rings largely on citizens wellbeing and life necessity is Political Problems and Ethnicity. These probably might not be the case in Regions like United state of America or United Kingdom or countries like Canada, Australia and so on. Regional basic necessities in the above-mentioned country might be relating to social issues, human right issues, violence against LGBTQ and all, majoritarian believes these are basic problems of life that can in turn affect basic necessities of the region at large. For it to make more sense, one has to see that little things brings bigger problem which could affect basic necessity of Life.

Having talk from perspective of regional Basic necessities let’s look into the general academia to see the General basic necessities that links every human in the world together. At this point we’d have to define the following:

What are Basic/essential Necessities of Life – This can be said to be as Basic human needs upon which human life depend largely on, without which survival holds on peril.

What are the 4 necessities of Life – Be it you reside in the United States, Canada, Japan, Lesotho, United Kingdom, South Africa, Algeria, New Zealand and son on and so for forth, there are four basic necessities for living without which man is as good as dead. These include:

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter
  4. Air
  5. Water

Although there are other minor basic necessities of life, but for the purpose of understanding and quick read through we’d be stressing the Main basic necessities, although many believe the three basic needs are Food, clothing and Shelter! But they fail to remember Air is as much part as all others hinged on it, if the human doesn’t breathe, then what is Food or the cloth or Shelter? At the end of the post, we’d try to include other Minor common Necessities of life

  1. FOOD: Food is a substance taken into the body, either for nourishment purpose or for making the body develop, in life, food is one of the world necessities, without food human cannot survive, because how would you explain to the body without food to not think with anger. Food is what makes human survive and even repair worn out tissues. One needs food to get strong, filled, healthy, good looking, hear well, look tact and help the organs in your body. Actually, eating good food can never be over-emphasize, when one takes food that nourishes the body, it helps well the thinking process and how to go about every daily activity without frustration, goes with the popular saying that “a hungry man is an angry man”. The essence of food is to sustain life, body, brain, organ in the body, even the production of Spermatozoa or eggs in the body which largely result in reproduction of offspring and child-birth can be affected by eating style, Malnutrition can be a major problem in this respect. Food is indeed a basic necessity and basic need in life. There are tons of traditional United state food which could help your health and thinking process these include Hamburger, deep-dish pizza, Hominy Grits or the loving Texas Barbecue. Functions of food inter- alia include:
  • Nourishment of the body system – Generally food nourishes the body and as one of the foremost basic needs of life, one has to take at the right time their breakfast, Lunch and brunch for nourishment
  • Makes you grow: Growth takes place in human body from tender age to 15 for female and 17 for male, this is actually not all-encompassing and that is more reason why a kid around 12 to 15 should be fed well for good growth and nice skin. Food is important for growth take it from a tall person like me.
  • Helps you reason fast: The popular phrase “to be creative is to eat well” is never untrue, to reason fast or to do things effectively, the absence of food in such system might deny such person such fast and accurate reason. Food is a basic necessity of life and is as important as life itself
  1. SHELTER: Shelter is a roof or a building where one can hide or live, rest after all day job, shelter also is one of the necessities of life, having one own shelter is like having 50% of all it takes for a fellow to walk through life. Shelter could be a rented apartment and sometimes could be a personal owned home, which-ever way, shelter is necessary for good living. Even though there is the two concepts of “Home” and “House” – House being a place to stay to pass the night and a place one doesn’t totally feel comfortable at, this could include Hotel, hostels, short-let taken, motels and all sort. This is in contradiction with home where one feel relaxes and chilled this could be one own house, family house and so on.

Shelter is essential and it is something any ambitious or an optimistic person should put into their agenda from inception.

3. Clothing
– clothing is the idea of getting proper wears on, this beautifies the appearance of such character. Make one looks smart and fitting for the society, the clothing
aspects is not just about wearing alone, it is wearing to fit into the societal classes. Clothing covers human nakedness. It is most important to see clothing as a key aspect of basic necessity of life. Clothing also serves as one of another leading necessities of life, as far as life is concern, so as we human have to put cloth on. Whoever says “cloth covers secret” wasn’t telling a bit of lies.

4. Air: Air is as important as the beginning of mankind itself, even from the first set of human that exist on this planet, without air, life would have been generally tough for them as they’d already die, without the old generation can there be a birth of a new one. Absolutely No! for this, air is one core most and basic necessity of life. Without it, the world is gone in a blink

5. Water : The popular H20, water is one of the basic necessities of life, because without water what is the food itself? or without water after food, how do man intend to survive. Water is life and an essential element that makes up totality of a person in itself.

Now let’s talk about other necessities of life, as the world is growing away from traditional and its archaic form, there is a lot require of people of the world, most of these factor now serve as other necessities of human being, part of it is this powerful one :

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EDUCATION: Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, having the skill to read and write. there is the formal education, formal education Is the act of acquiring knowledge in the four corners of a classroom whereby a teacher teaches and the students assimilate the knowledge from what he speaks on or teaches.

Education of every little children to at least pass through a primary education as the bill was passed by the united nation organization in conjunction with other bill of many state of the world.

Education is a powerful tool and is one of the contemporaneous basic necessity of life

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