What is waterleaf? Best way to cook waterleaf

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Waterleaf is one of the vegetables that could be find anywhere because it grows viral and in any place, the only thing that makes people not like it is the every-coner growing nature it has, Waterleaf is one of the vegetables that nourishes the body
and in this post, I will be writing on how to prepare it, though the process is very fast and short unlike some vegetables like bitterleaf, ugwu and so on.


  • Waterleaf 
  • Palm-oil
  • Onions
  • Pepper ( grinded) 
  • Maggi
  • Tomatoes
  • Crayfish 
  • Salt
  • Fish/meat
  1. Arrange all this and make sure your pot is clean, set the pot on fire and leave it for 1 minute, then
  2. Pour the palm-oil into the pot in accordance to the amount you want to cook, then 
  3. Slice your onions into the palm-oil after two minute then
  4. Pour the grinded pepper in to the pot and allow it boil for some minute, then
  5. Put the amount of Maggi it requires  wait for some minute then put in it some salt, not much but gauge, then
  6. Leave it for like five minutes, for the stew to bring out that sweet aroma, then pour the crayfish if available, then
  7. Wash your vegetable clean ( make sure you have slice it before even starting any process) and mind you water leaf don’t requires water in any level, hope you get that? Yes I think, you have to wash it very well to the extend that the draw in it will all go, after that you are almost there, then put
  8. The slice and washed Waterleaf into the stew on fire, then
  9. Wash your fish, remove the dirts in it and make sure the soup is boiling, put the fish and cover it, after 20 minutes open it
  10. You will find out that there will be water in the soup, so that is why you just don’t have to put any water, it is call Waterleaf already. Then what next? 
  11. It is done,  enjoy it with Eba
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