30 A Levels Government questions and Answers

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1. Locke’s social contract theory and that of Albert Venn’s lean on A. forms of Government B. political theories of government C. concept of government D. foreign reaction with internal control of government

2. ________ suppose the constitution to be un-commanded commander as in support of body of agreed rules A. John Morgan B. Austin John C. K.C Wheare D. Signund Freud

3. The Quorum as related to legislative matter is ______ A. Number of all the members in the meeting B. Conference holding time, place and location C. persons to be on board member D. The fragment of the two houses 
4. _______ is seen as usurpation, as a disadvantage to it which can be either substantial or procedural A. Judicial review B. delegated legislation C. Military force D. Gerrymandering 
5. Administrations as the partial as the partial forth realm should reasonably fall under ________ arm A. Executive B. Legislative C. Judicial D. Administrative 
6. The _______ is seen as the Vice President to the Alaafin in the Yoruba Pre-colonial system A. Aremo B. Legislative C. Aare Ona Kakanfo D. Olori 
7. When a state law is inconsistence with a federal law such law will be ________ A. Inconsistence B. Abeyance C. spent D. repudiated

8. One but all is classification of rule of law A. Superiority of the law B. glorification of arbitrary rule C. constitutional guaranteed right D. states inhabitant egalitarian 
9. One of the following is not a common wealth nation A. Scr Lanka B. Tobago and Trinidad C. Mexico D. USA
10. Secession is not a sacrosanct concept in confederalism. A. Yes B. No C. Somewhat true D. I didn’t read about that 
11. Proportional registration is a form of voting system that favour. A. individuals B. Citizens C. Political party D. Bonly 
12. Power to investigate is more related to one of the following. A. The supreme courts actions in looking into criminal proceedings B. The oversight function of legislature C. The police check warrant D. C only 
13. “Without the bodies and agencies of government, such society will degenerate to solitary, nasty, brutish and even short”. Who suppose this assumption A. Julius Nyerere B. Thomas Hobbes C. Kwame Nkruma D. John Locke?

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14. One clear cut different as to state and nation for the increase of tiding to use the word interchangeable and confusedly. Due to this, one will submit that_______ A. The latter are not real component forming the former B. The former is heterogeneous while the latter is semi heterogeneous C. The increase in the latter forms the heterogeneity of the former D. The former and the latter are ever interchangeable 

15. The highest stage of socialism is communism so as the highest stage of capitalism is _________ A. Neo-colonialism B. Imperialism C. prima – Bourgeoisie D. feudalism 
16. The country that does not only glorify capitalism but have it wealth but upon it is _________ among the following A. France B. USA C. Spain D. Italy 
17. That the President emerge as the winner through NPN in 1979, his direct offshoot was ________ A. Sheu Shagari B. Mohammed Buhari C. Ibrahim Babangida D. Olusegun Obasanjo 
18. The constitution drafting committee before the birth of the 1979 republican constitution consist of ________ members and ________ as President A. 50, Obafemi Awolowo B. 49, Rotimi Williams C. 71, Justice Udo Udoma D. 230, Justice Udo Udoma 
19. The moving of the Federal capital territory was _____ by ______ A. Dec., 1994, Sheu Shagari B. Nov., 1996, Ibrahim Babangida C. Dec., 1991, Ibrahim Babangida D. Nov., 1992, Sheu Shagari
20. Pick the odd one out as to proper discharge of same duty A. Yakubu Gowon B.Sanni Abacha C. Ibrahim Babangida D. Aguyi Ironsi 
21. Laws are norms upon norms which all deprive their legal validity from a ground norm was the idea of ______ A. Thomas Hobbes B. Winston Churchill C. John Austin D. Hans Welson

22. That the president shall be the Head of State in 1979 republican constitution means he is _________ A. Executive chief and commander of chiefs B. Chief in command and chief executive C. Commander in chief and chief executive D. Commander on chief and Executive chief

23. The Northern People’s Congress was formed in _________ year A. 1949 B. 1953 C. 1962 D.1961

24. M.O.P as one of the rejected political association by the then electoral commission has it full meaning as _________ by _________ A. Mouth of persons, Kayode Fashola B. Movement of People, Fela Anikulapo C. Minister of Pragmatism, Fela Anikulapo D. Minister of propagation, Kayode Fashola

25. Unity Party of Nigeria in the second republic was the direct offshoot of ________ A. Action Group B. NNDP C. NCNC D. APC

26. The concurrent list is managed by both the federal and state with how many items therein? A. 45 B. 82 C. 52 D.58

27. The Queen is above the law means __________ A. The queen is the effective centre of power in United Kingdom B. The Queen can do no wrong C. The Queen is intelligent and vast with what the tenet of the law state D.C only

28. Malafide as a legislative term which most timely re-echo in court means that something is done in _________ A. Good fate B. bad faith C. intent of making things better D. A. and C

29. Which of the following is weak relative to the military intervention in1966 A. AG crisis of 1962 B. Creation of Mid-Western Region C. Tribal zing and politicizing the army D. corruption and nepotism 
30. One but all is true about the following A. proportional representation favours political party other than individual C. Public Opinion is not a form of referendum D. Neo-colonialism

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1 B
2 B
3 C
4 B
5 A
6 A
7 B
8 B
9 C
10 B
11 C
12 B
13 B
14 C
15 B
16 B
17 B
18 D
19 C
20 D
21 D
22 C
23 A
24 B
25 A
26 C
27 B
28 B
29 B
30 A

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