Is Norderworks Legit or Scam, know everything about it

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As one of the very many reviews we will be doing on this platform, I suppose it’s sacrosanct to talk about Norderworks . currently, there are many online money making platforms available on the internet but one is quite sure about all those platforms and that is simply “Not all of them are legit and worth Investing on”. many will for weeks and shutdown while others may last for months before closing business. Another sure thing about all online money making platforms is “No platform can boasts of lasting forever, in fact they hardly last and operates smoothly for a year. So if you know you’re a risk take and you’ve participated in many I think you should register Through this LINK , this platform I can guarantee of many year, so if you’d like to Join is better you Join early

Disclaimer : Not that Ansmyques blog collected money from this platform neither are we trying to promote it, it’s for the risk taker to decide for themselves 

So for this reasons, one needs to read a review about a platform before deciding whether or not to invest on them and in this our reviews, we shall provide you with our personal observations and findings about this platform to enable decide on your own. 

There is so much online income platform on the internet that people are making money from with the use of little task to be done. You can make money online from the comfort of your home without depending on your monthly salary as far you have internet access. It’s not only for people that have laptops can make money online you can still earn money on your smartphone as long you have an internet connection.

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People found it not safe to invest money online due to some previous challenges they have to pass through with some online investment scam sites. Any online investment platform you have an encounter has it in mind that nothing lasts forever as far as an online investment platform must surely turn to scam one day.
That is why you have to invest money that you can afford to lose any hours or any day at any time. It’s not encouraging of borrowing of funds for online investment is a higher risk of the order because if anything should involve on that particular platform you invested your money on nobody can be held responsible.

So at this point in time will are going to learn about done Nigeria investment platform called norderworks review Nigeria order work legit or scam platform. This platform has been online for the past 2 month as at the time of writing this post. so let me quickly work you through all you need to known about this online investment platform. Do not just take laws into your hands without reading this article because you will known, if it’s a legit investment platform or a scam investment platform. Although while checking through the I saw they have customer service and a certificate from CAC (corporate affairs commission) and some other proves to tell anyone legit how they are, you can check it out by registering and investing in them they have series of package and it higher you invest the higher money you make and the dashboard is user friendly compare to some other investment platforms.


How to request for withdrawal?

Before you have to request for withdrawal on you have to recharge your account to activate your withdrawal money. You have to confirm your bank name before submitting information because each user has only one free chance of submitting a bank name. But if you choose to change the withdrawal information in the future again you have to pay a sum of ₦500. All withdrawal times processes from Monday-Friday around 10 am-6 pm.

Information needed from you to request a withdrawal on norderworks is:

Your registered password

Account name

Contact phone

Bank name

Account number

Is norderworks legit or a scam?

Norderworks platform is a new online investment site. With my own review on this platform, looking at the system itself, mode of operation and the centralization of the platform, I can not rate it as legit nor really say it’s not but we’ve seen few cash out which is legit, although this does not guarantee future payments by the sight. In case if you have any experience with this platform feel free to leave a comment below for the help of other new users that may likely invest their money on .But if you are still interested in this platform invest what you can afford to lose at any time. Do not use the love of money to lose your hard earn money for any investment.

How much can I earn on referral?

If you invite new users to join with your registration link you will earn a referral commission of 16% for each referral. This is one of the reasons why that person is telling you to reg.

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Referral level

First level 16%

Second level 8%

Third level 5%

How much can I earn?

With the interface of the platform you can earn real cash if they can keep to their promises but it is very hard for them to keep to their promises. With the investment of 30000, you can earn up to ₦57000 to ₦66000 monthly that is a huge turnover.

If they can keep to their promises that is a good business but the platform is not a secure investment company due to some reason I make sure earlier about their domain registration.

In conclusion, not that you can’t make money from NORDERWORKS but invest with the amount you know you can afford to lose…shalom!

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