10 quick Biology questions

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  1. Which of the following groups of cells is devoid of true nuclei? A. algae B. monera C. fungi D. viruses
  2. A multinucleated body without internal cell boundaries is a characteristics of? A. bryophytes B. fungi C. algae D. gymnosperms
  3. Which of the following are non-green plants? A. euglena B. fungi C. spirogyra D. angiosperms
  4. The most abundant group of organisms in the animal kingdom is? A. mammalian B. Aves C. annelid D. insects
  5. Double fertilization is a unique feature of? A. angiosperm B. bryophytes C. pteridophytes D. algae
  6. Which of the following groups of invertebrates reproduce by budding? A. arthropoda B. annelida c. Mollusca D. coelentrata
  7. Which of these animals is radially symmetrical? A. squad B. hydra C. snail D. cockroach
  8. All the following are classes under the phylum arthropoda except? A. crustaceans B. Mollusca C. arachnida D. myriapoda
  9. Which of the following exists in the form of a colony? A. spirogyra B. chlamydomonas C. volvox D. euglena
  10. Diploblastic body organization is found in? A. Amoeba B. obelia C. lumbricus D. periplaneta

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