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  1. The moment of recognition of truth when ignorance gives way to knowledge in a character is known as A. harmatia B. anagnorisi C. hubris D. anamnesis
  2. The quality in a literary work which evokes tenderness pity or sorrow is A. Pathos B. patios C. pataphysics D. pathopoeia
  3. Which of the following forms of poetry is an example of a monologue? A. Lament B. Ode C. Sonnet D. Epic
  4. An interlude is a brief A. presentation in the interval of a dramatic performance B. play before the main dramatic performance  C. presentation after the main dramatic   D. dialogue between two persons
  5. An epic is a heroic story which includes A. ballad B. lyric C. myth D. dialogue
  6. Farce can be described as a dramatic piece marked by A. movement from serious to the light hearted mood B. comic and exaggerated actions     C. actions devoid of meaning   D. gloomy actions with momentary reliefs
  7. Oxymoron is the use of two contradictory word that are A. placed apart   B. different in meaning C. placed side by side  D. similar in meaning
  8. A poetic device in which an idea in a line runs into another is called A. rhyme Scheme B. enjambment C. end rhyme D. pathos
  9. The use of sound pattern to suggest meaning in poetry A. rhythm B. mimics C. lyric D. metonymy
  10. A short witty remark is A. a limerick B. a tercet C. an epigram D. a litotes.
  11. A black beautiful brilliant bride_______ is an example of A. Alliteration B. Assonance C. Onomatopoeia D. Pun
  12. A literary work in which action and characters represent ideas is A. Allusion B. Epigram C. Allegory D. Innuendo
  13. Peter’s pretty partner paid the bills_ is an example of A. Alliteration B. Rhyme C. Satire D. Digression
  14. A stanza of four lines in poetry is A. Quatrain B. Sestet C. Octave D. Elegy
  15. A happy torment ______ is an example of A. Oxymoron B. Synecdoche C. Innuendo D. Simile
  16. Literature was coined from two __ words Litera and Tura A. Latin B. Italian C. Greek D. French
  17. A type of poem that consists of two successive rhyming lines is known as___ A. Couplet B. Duoplet C. Bilet D. Deuxet
  18. “ababbcbccdcdee” is a rhyme scheme of __ sonnet A. Miltonic B. Shakespearean C. Spensarian D. Petrarchan
  19. A type of poem sung to mourn the death of a king is ___ A. Coronach B. Threnody C. Dirge D. Elegy
  20. A type of poem that praises ones personality is called ____ A. Ode B. Incantation C. Panegyric D. Apostrophe
  21. Stanza is to Poetry while __ is to drama A. Paragraph B. Act C. Line D. Line
  22. A figurative expression in which part stands for a whole is called __ A. Personification B. Amplification C. Synecdoche D. Metonymy
  23. A periodic writing or publications on current research findings or news in a particular area of study is called ___ A. Letter B. Journal C. Criticism D. Travelogue
  24. “Events are better observed from the dangerous safety of a tower”. The figure of speech uses in the statement above is __ A. Oxymoron B. Metaphor C. Paradox D. Anthitesis
  25. A statement that has two meaning is called a/an ___ abatement A. Literal B. Ambiguous C. Amplified D. Connotative
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11- 15 = ACAAA


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