Happy Independence Criticism

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Just a test run

There were times when we cry loud for the so called beloveth country, there were times when hope seems to be a thing of hope, optimism was the order of the day, but it was just a matter of time before time could stand it test, eras are gone by when dogmatism play prominent role. The question is will it have been better still having the utopia notion or had it be totally alright to give into the dreadful teeth of corruption starring her eye like sinister wind.

you can use the EDUCATION CATEGORY to find more physics, chemistry, Literature, Government, Account, and other questions with answer…good luck to us all, do well to keep coming back because that’s the motive behind the name of this site ANSMYQUES (ANSWER MY QUESTION). Or equally you can use the search box above or below TYPE whstever subject question you’re looking for e.g “physics” “Literature” and it will bring out all physics questions on this plattform, this idea can be use for other subjects too.

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