Christian Religion Knowledge Questions and Answers

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1. The most loved disciple of Jesus Christ is ___ A. Peter B. Andrew C. Levi D. James

2. The place Jacob wrestled with an angel was named ______ A. Penui B. Penuel C. Peanuel D. Penulli

3. Keep the sabbath day holy was number__commandment A. 7th B. 6th C. 4th D.9th

4. There is the supposition that Abraham’s faith was ____ to him as righteousness A. Mild B. Reckoned C. Recommend D. Blissed

5. Asa reigned for _____ years in A. Forty-four B. Forty one C.Thirty three D. Thirty-five

6. Abijam was one of the great king Israel has A. True B. Somewhat true C. False D. Somewhat false

7. Which of the following was responsible for the misdeed of the sons of A. Their own stupidity B. Their father’s lack of parental responsibility C. The absence of prophecy in Israel D. Their lack of religious and moral education

8. The second account of the creation was centered on the creation of A. Birds B. The heavens C. Man D. Animals

9. The second coming of Christ was an epistle to the _______ A. Philippians B. Thessalonians C. Colossians D. Romans

10. Paul further warned the directed people not to weep for A. The dead people without God
B. The Gentiles
C. The dead in the lord D. The dead before Christ birth

11. The first legal wife of Jacob who afterwards was named Israel was_____
A. Zilpah B. Bilhah C. Leah D. Rachel

12. Amnon slept with the sisters of the third born son of David, the third born son here is _____
A. Adonijah b.Absalom C. Basheeba
D. Tamah

13. Jesus sent the disciple out ______
A. In pairs
B. To the lost sheep of Israel
C. A and B
D. B only

14. “The mystery of lawlessness is already at work although it is yet to be revealed… they refuse to love the truth and be saved. Therefore God will send upon them ____ ” A. Famine and pestilence
B. Pestilence
C. Great delusion
D. B only

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15. The spiritual gift excluding utterance of wisdom and utterance of knowledge should be _______
A. 6 in number
B. 7 in number
C. 9 in number
D. C only      

16. Which of the following is true?                           

A. Joseph is the 10th on Jacob’s birth role                B. David was glad being given the kingdom of Saul                      

C. Asa did the religious reform in Israel                  D. Peter talked about Christian persecution

17. The seven gaunted cow pharaoh saw was coming out of ____                                                        A. Ephraim   B. Pishon    C. Nile      D. Gihon 

18. ____ sought a medium to talk to _____               A. Samuel, Saul         B. David, Solomon                   C. Saul, Samuel         D. A and B only

19. The offence of Onesimus to Philemon was ____    A. Not stated                     B. Plead on behalf   C. A and B only                D. A only

20. That David slept with Basheeba, David in this situation has taunt the ______ rule of “You shall not commit adultery”                                           A. 6th     B. 7th       C. 8th          D. 9th 

21. The other land animals were created by God on the ____ day?  A. 4th     B. 2nd       C. 7th        D. 6th

22. One of Moses excuse to God not to go to pharaoh was   A. He killed an Egyptian                    B. The Hebrew did not want him                              C. Not being eloquent                                                  D. Pharaoh will kill him at first sight 

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23. The prophet of doom is generally refers to as ____  A. Isiah   B. Jeremiah   C. Josiah  D. Ezekiel

24. The father and mother of Moses are ____ and ____  respectively   A. Jochebed and Amram            B. Amram and Jochebed   C. A and B     D. A only

25. Pick the odd one out                                             A. Saul    B. Solomon     C. Jeroboam    D. Rehoboam

26. At the time Deborah became a judge in Israel, she was                                                     

A. Seer   B. Prophetess     C. Medium    D. Sorcerer 

27. Joel and Abijah, who were the two sons of Samuel judge from                                                             

A. Judea                           

B. Molech                                                              

C. Beer-sheba                     

D. Adorama

28. David took Saul’s ____ at the event, to show he was there.                                                                 A. Spear and jar of water                                             B. Jar of water, spear and one other thing               C. Spear, jar of water and some other things           D. C only 

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29. Hosea called on Israel to return to the lord by_ 

A. Praying and Fasting                                                  B. Steadfast loving God    C. Repentance mechanism    D. B and C alone

30. The two separate trials Jesus faced was ________ and _______ trial                                              A. Jewish and Hebrew                                                  B. Roman and Jewish                                                  C. Samarians and Jewish                                              D. A only


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