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  1. What is “the one – eyed box”? A. a train B. one of Sadiku’s wedding load  C. a camera    D. the stranger’s new machine
  2. “O’ – Oh. You really mean to turn the whole World upside down” Who said this and to whom A. Sadiku to Sidi   B. Baroka to Lakunle     C. Lakunle to the traveller  D. Sidi to Lakunle
  3. Lakunle’s comment to Sidi and the girls as “devil among women” means that A. the stranger has to come to destroy all the women B. Baroka hates all women   C. Sadiku is the most wicked woman     D. Baroka has his way with any woman he pleases.
  4. “No, no. Let the school teacher count” What are the things to be counted? A. The number of girls present   B. The number of boys looking out of the window  C. The number of sheets of the Magazines bearing Sid’s picture                                                                                                   D. The number of times Lakunle has refused to pay Sidi’s dowry
  5. The Lion and the Jewel may be described as a literary genre:  A. epic poem   B. verse drama C. prosaic poem  D. poetic poem
  6. Lakunle believes that the fact a mere woman has more important than Baroka is the work of A. the stranger B. Lakunle himself   C. Baroka himself     D. Sidi herself
  7. Baroka ‘s age is about A. 70 years B. 65 years C. 82 years D. 62 years
  8. “You played him to the bone” means A. You’re a rough player and you broke somebody’s leg  B. You played your role perfectly to the last detail  C. You were quarrelling in the play   D. You succeeded very well in deceiving him
  9. “I won’t take part” What is Lakunle refusing to do?  A. pay a visit to the Baale with the dancer  B. play the part of the stranger in the dance of the lost traveller  C. attend a dowry paying ceremony  D. Go drinking with the stranger at a party after the show
  10. “One leaf for every heart that I shall break” means that Sidi will break  A. Baroka’s heart B. five hearts C. three hearts D. Lakunle’s heart
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