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Patriotism and National Symbols is the act of showing loyalty to one’s country
Anyone who stick to rule and regulations being given by the government of his/her country is said to be a patriot or a patriot citizen.

A patriotic citizen should :

(1) Respect the national symbols

(2) Be loyal and grateful to the country

(3)keep government property well

(4) take active part in the community

(5) Obey the laws of the country

The National Symbols of Nigeria are:

1. The National flag. (Designed in 1950 by Taiwo Akinkunmi)

2 The National coat of arms
3. The National Anthem (the current national anthem was composed by Ben

Odiase of Nigeria Police Hand and adopted in 1978)

4. The National Pledge The National currency (issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria)

5. The National pledge

6. The International Traveling Passport (issued by the Immigration Service of Federal Ministry of Internal Card (issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs)

7 The National Identity card ( issued by Minister of internal affair)

8. The National Voters Card (issued by the Independent National Electoral commission).

9. The National Driving License issue by the Federal Road Safety Commission)


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