Debate on “Should Youths Serve in the Army”??

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Should Youths Serve in the Army

Compulsorily? The future of any nation is built on her youths and on this ground it might seems like an open-ended question as to concluding such stance. Many a time one find out that majority of these younger persons are just starting life and wont be easy to just decide military is the right step. Although, If the younger ones are given to pleasure, and wallow in laziness, that nation is doomed to decay. But every nation should equally breed her youths in a nursery of democracy. It is under these conditions that one can consider the wisdom of sending youths for a two year compulsory military service at the age of 17.

Military service hardens the body and the mind. Force is the e order; in battle it may indeed be ruthless force. Thus, we must ask ourselves if we prefer a nation of Spartans where force isĀ  adored and comfort spited. If we prefer such, we may breed violent, rebellious youths. Moreover, anarchy may triumph when everyone has the gun.

Most youths of 17 usually plan to take major steps in the lives. Some are just about to leave the secondary school and enter the university; others have just finished learning certain trades. A break of two years then would drive a wedge between such a person and his life goal. Such, with a gun, could be dangerous.

However, a Spartan nation is much disciplined. A person who has undergone military discipline cannot be found wanting in any emergency. He is, like the Boys’ Scout, ever prepared. He is never caught unawares; he has initiative and drive.


Moreover, the youth can constitute a reserve militia making us more ready for the enemy. In this age of constant conflicts, any nation that values her independence must always be at alert. A few years ago, Portugal suddenly overran an African nation. That nation had to appeal to sister African states for aid. That is

where the issue of a reserve militia comes in Young men and women toughened for two years can defend the nation in times of crisis. Mobilization of youths also promotes national unity. With her many ethnic groups, Nigeria needs to bring the youths together so as to make them feel as members of the same country. The two years of training would cater for this because the military sends youths to far places; while the training camp brings together youths from distant places.

If Nigeria strives to be a strong, self-reliant, forward looking nation, if she strives to lead this continent, she must be prepared to do without some individual freedom. I am for the greatness of this nation; I favour the scheme. It is by it that we can raise a crop of strong, disciplined youths who can make this nation great and in just no time we’d be pushing the Nation forward and to that fore-front it deserve.

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