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The guide is use the general “I” “B” “C” which stands for “INTRODUCTION” “BODY” “CONCLUSION”, if you follow this guide well, i can assure you that you’d do well, and will not only help you now, it will help you through-out your recourse of writing things. having said all these, now let’s break it down so we’d make a good write up on “Composition about myself”

You should use this example of composition about myself to make a good write up yourself, it doesn’t matter your school region, be it you’re from Canada, United state of America, United Kingdom, Asian, Europe, North or South America or Africa, you should use this Paradigm/example to form yours

For this write up, we’d be using the four paragraphs below, follow up to write yours too


My name is Olivia Washington, I’m not too tall but of average height with a muscular mild-buid body type, I’m fair in complexion and even very  white at it, I’m blonde with blue eye colours, currently my age is 9

I attend Sunset Primary School which is located at 4523 97th Ave W, University Place, WA 98466, United States, my school  i suppose is one of the best schools in Washington as we are rated 5 star on search engines like Google, bing and so on. My best subject is French because our Professeur de fracais sings us many French rymes which had made me visit France one day.

I currently live in Seattle, Washington, but once lived in Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio, United state, because of how it borders Ontario in Canada, my Family and I visit Canada very often. also once visited United Kingdom, I was at Lewisham in London where I went to visit my cousin and subsequently went to see Arsenal football club at night.

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My aim is to become a Lawyer and after many years of practice Judge, because I feel I can change the lot going on in our beloved UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, also, I wish my best friend, David Greenwood, and myself are birds so that we can fly to every places in NORTH AMERICA and finally France, my dream country.

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