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1. Who was fond of teasing Omar?
A. His mum
B. Bint
C. Teemah
D. Jamila

2. Who was narrating their encounter with their teacher?
A. Teemah
B. Omar
C. Bint D Jamila

3. Omar insisted that his sisters should begin to call him
A. Omar Esquire
B. Big Bros
C. Lawyer Omar
D. My Learned Brother

4. How old was Bint?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 18
D. 20

5. Omar was offered admission into which of these schools?
A. Ahmadu Bello University
B. University of Lagos
C. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University
D. University of Ibadan

6. How old was Omar?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 18
D. 20

7. Omar was offered admission to study
A. Accounting

B. Education
C. Theatre Arts
D. Law

8. Why did their mother eavesdrop on them?
A. Because they were crying
B. Because they were praying
C. Because they were murmuring
D. Because they were laughing

9. Who was Omar’s favourite sibling?
A. Teemah
B. Jamila
C. Bint
D. None of them

10. Omar almost got angry when
A. Bint didn’t call him the name he wanted
B. Jamila called him Esquire
C. Teemah teased him about his result
D. Teemah refused to bring the Zobo

11. Which subject did the teacher in Bint’s story teach?
A. Social Studies
B. English
C. French
D. basic Science

12. Which arrangement is correct from the eldest to the youngest?
A. Omar, Teemah, Bint, Jamila.
B. Teemah, Omar, Jamila, Bint.
C. Bint, Jamila, Teemah, Omar.
D. Omar, Teemah, Jamila, Bint.

13. Bint was in school.
A. Nursery
B. Primary
C. Secondary
D. Tertiary

14. “Ummi” translates
A. mama

B. mummy
C. my mother
D. mum

15. Under which tree did they all go out to sit when the room got hot?
A. An orange tree
B. A cashew
C. A coconut tree
D. A mango tree

16. How long has it been since they last had light?
A. 1 day
B. 2 days
C. 3 days
D. 4 days

17. “Au Revoir” means
A. Good bye
B. Good morning
C. Welcome


D, That’s very good

18. What name does Teemah call her mother?
A. Mum
B. Ummi
C. Mama
D. Mummy

19. Mallam Salihu was the
A. the French mistress
B. the Social Studies teacher
C. Bint’s mother
D. Bint’s father

20. How many years ago was
Ummi’s University’s story?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

21. Around what time did Ummi start going

home after her registration?
A. 4:00 PM
B. 4:30 AM
C. 4:00 AM
D. 4:30 PM

22. On what condition did Ummi’s father agree to her University admission?
A. That she must graduate with first class
B. That she must not get pregnant while in school
C. That she must marry before her graduation
D. That she must not convert to Christianity

23. “Keke Napep” is a
A. bicycle
B. tricycle
C. motorcycle
D. bus

24. When did Ummi get married?
A. Before her graduation

B. Before her registration
C. After her registration
D. After her graduation

25. The HOD was being too nice and friendly with Ummi because
A. she was beautiful
B. he wanted to ask her out
C. she was seducing him
D. he knew her husband

26. was the first thing that Ummi noticed upon entering the University.
A. The carefree attitude of everyone
B. The difficulty in differentiating a teacher from a student
C. The lack of school uniforms
D. The number of young lecturers

27. Why was Ummi not sure if she would be able to face the HOD again?
A. Because of the toilet embarrassment

B. Because she had gotten her Matric. Number
C. Because he asked her
D. Because she refused to date him

28. What dress code would Omar wear in the University?
A. black shirt, white trousers
B. white shirt, black trousers
C. any of the above
D. none of the above

29. Why did Ummi lie to the HOD that she was pressed?
A. She wanted to use his toilet
B. She wanted an excuse to leave his office
C. She wanted to spend some time alone
D. She wanted to surprise him

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30. Ummi described the way girls in the University dressed as
A. completely naked

B. well covered
C. leaving a lot to the imagination
D. leaving little to the imagination

31. Why didn’t Ummi tell the HOD that she was married?
A. The HOD didn’t ask
B. She didn’t want the HOD to know
C. The HOD already knew
D. She wanted to date the HOD

32. What was Salma’s full name?
A. Salma Abubakar
B. Salma Johnson
C. Salma Ahmad
D. Salma Mohammed

33. The full meaning of HOD is
A. Highest Office Duty
B. Head of Department
C. Highest of Division
D. Head Office Department

34. Ummi’s surname was
A. Abubakar
B. Johnson
C. Ahmad
D. Mohammed

35. What was the name of the HOD?
A. Samuel Jackson
B. Samuel Johnson
C. Samuel Jameson
D. Samuel Jefferson

36. Whom did Salma compare the University lecturers to?
A. soldiers
B. drivers
C. police
D. thieves

37. According to Salma, moves mountains.
A. faith

B. power
C. authority
D. money

38. The HOD was from tribe.
A. Yoruba
B. Igala
C. Hausa
D. Igbo

39. Who was in the Screening Office all the while that Salma grumbled?
A. The lecturer
B. The screening officer
C. The cleaner
D. Nobody

40. In the HOD’s office, why didn’t Ummi sit down until she was asked to?
A. Because she was pressed
B. Because she was angry with the HOD
C. Because she had manners

D. Because there were no seats

41. Why was Salma grumbling?
A. Because she was last on the queue
B. Because that was not her first University
C. Because she was hungry
D. Because she thought the lecturer was delaying

42. Pick Ummi’s correct Matric.Number
A. UG001
B. UG01
C. UG0001
D. UG00001

43. When Salma knew that the young man he had spoken to was the Screening Officer, she
A. felt ashamed and left
B. felt ashamed and shook
C. begged for forgiveness
D. kept on grumbling

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45. Who asked for the story about “the quiet one”?
A. Bint
B. Omar
C. Teemah
D. Jamila

46. The full meaning of “EMAL” is
A. Email
B. Electronic Malfunction
C. Exam Malpractice
D. Exam hall

44. Why did Ummi go to the HOD’s office?
A. She wanted the HOD to ask her out
B. She was pressed and wanted to ease herself
C. Because the HOD was her husband’s friend
D. Because she wanted to get her Matric. Number

47. According to Ummi, the story of Talle was

more relevant to Omar because
A. he was leaving to the city
B. he was a boy
C. they both looked alike
D. Omar was also quiet

48. The kidnapped young boy in Talle’s house was no more than years old.
A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

49. Who was the District Head of the village?
A. Lafayette
B. Hakimi
C. Talle
D. Zaki

50. “IPO” stands for
A. Independent Police Officer
B. International Police Officer

C. Investigating Police Officer
D. Important Police Officer


1. C
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. A
6. C
7. D
8. D
9. C
10. C
11. A
12. D
13. B
14. C

15. D
16. C
17. A
18. D
19. B
20. D
21. A
22. C
23. B
24. B
25. D
26. A
27. A
28. B
29. B
30. D
31. A
32. D
33. B
34. C
35. B
36. C

37. D
38. A
39. C
40. C
41. D
42. C
43. B
44. D
45. B
46. C
47. A
48. A
49. B
50. C

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