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51. Why were no stranger given accommodation in Lafayette without the approval of the District Head?
A. To make the District organised
B. To keep the District Head in power
C. To show respect to the District Head
D. To make sure no criminal is harboured by mistake

52. Zaki was
A. Hakimi’s courtier
B. Ummi’s husband
C. A police officer
D. Talle’s friend

53. ________was not one of the circumstances around Talle’s birth
A. His mother died after his birth
B. His parents had been childless

C. He was a premature baby
D. His parents consulted a native doctor to conceive him

54. ________ was not one of the charges filed against Talle.
A. Armed robbery
B. Murder
C. Kidnapping
D. Extortion

55. What is the meaning of “Boka”
A. a native doctor
B. a medical doctor
C. an eatery
D. a pastor

56. Why did Talle run into the Hakimi’s house when he heard the police siren?
A. He didn’t want to be seen
B. He thought the house was under attack
C. He hated sirens

D. because everybody else ran

57. Talle earn the title of “The quiet one” because
A. he was mean
B. he told everyone told everyone to call him that
C. he had a silent character
D. he was deaf and dumb

58. What brought the Police to the District Head’s house?
A. They came for Hakimi
B. They came for Zaki
C. They came for Ummi
D. They came for Talle

59. Why was he named “Talle”
A. because his father died after his birth
B. because of the traditional medicine man
C. because he was the quiet one
D. because his mother died after his birth

60. What was the main reason why Talle doubled the amount of foodstuffs he bought?
A. To show that he now has money
B. To feed the boy he abducted
C. To stock his house for future purpose
D. To feed his dying father

61. What killed Talle’s father?
A. a car accident
B. a heart attack
C. old age
D. food poison


62. Talle worked as a
A. secretary
B. driver
C. personal assistant
D. barman

63. Around what age did Talle become an orphan?

A. from birth
B. 10 years
C. 15 years
D. 20 years

64. Talle worked every day from to
A. 8pm, 4am
B. 4am, 8pm
C. 8pm, 4pm
D. 8am, 4pm

65. Where did Talle work?
A. in Hakimi’s house
B. at the Local Government
C. at the District Head office
D. in a hotel

66. Tomiwa came from State.
A. Osun
B. Ogun
C. Oyo
D. Ondo

67. Who was the 100Level Coordinator?
A. Dr SamJohn
B. Mr Salihu
C. Dr. Dabo
D. The HOD

68. Who were in the car that offered Salma a ride?
A. Salihu and Habib
B. Habib and Labaran
C. Labaran and Salihu
D. Salihu and Dabo

69 “Don’t come in after me.” Whose rule was that?
A. Salma’s
B. SamJohn’s
C. Dabo’s
D. The HOD’s

70. Ada insisted that people called her place

of birth.
A. the East
B. the West
C. Middle Belt
D. Benue

71. was the most common factor that strengthened the friendship between Salma and her roommates.
A. Food
B. Religion
C. Fashion
D. Music

72. Who were the Muslims in Salma’s room?
A. Tomiwa and Ada
B. Salma only
C. Tomiwa only
D. Salma and Tomiwa

73. Dr. Dabo had been in the University for more than years.

A. 20
B. 15
C. 10
D. 5

74. What part of the country was Salma from?
A. East
B. North
C. West
D. Middle

75. Which car offered Salma a ride back to school?
A. a black BMW
B. a white Benz
C. a black Benz
D. a white BMW

76. Which one of Salma’s roommates was very generous?
A. Ada
B. Ngozi

C. Tomiwa
D. None of them

77. Ngozi was from
A. Imo
B. Oyo
C. Middle Belt
D. Benue

78. What had Salma heard about Dr. Dabo?
A. That he was lazy
B. That he was a womanizer
C. That he had his way with female students
D. That he was disciplined


79. Among Salma’s roommates, was the most brilliant.
A. Ada
B. Salma herself
C. Ngozi
D. Tomiwa

80. What did Dr. Dabo do when Salma left his office?
A. He chased after her
B. He prayed for forgiveness
C. He rained curses on her
D. He defended his actions

81. What was a delicacy of Salma’s people?
A. Rats
B. Snails
C. Danwake
D. Eba

82. Rats were the delicacy of people
A. Ada’s
B. Tomiwa’s
C. Salma’s
D. Ngozi’s

83. Why exactly didn’t Salma want to stay in the room at first?
A. she hated her roommates

B. she hated the room
C. she hated the hostel
D. she hated all the students

84. How did Salma react to Dr. Dabo’s advances?
A. She was happy about it
B. She insulted him
C. She was confused
D. She ignored him

85. Which hostel did Salma get?
A. Queen Amina Hall
B. Queen Latifah Hall
C. Makama Bida Hall
D. Moremi Hall

86. Why had no boy attempted to go out with Tomiwa?
A. She was not attractive
B. She was too shy
C. She was too confident

D. She was too beautiful

87. What did Bint whisper into Omar’s ear?
A. That she didn’t see the connection between Salma’s relationship and her expulsion
B. That she was jealous of Tomiwa too
C. That she wanted more Zobo
D. That Teemah was sleeping

88. Who was Habib?
A. a driver
B. a politician
C. a lecturer
D. a student

89. “CGPA” stands for
A. Cumulative Grade Per Average
B. Cumulative Grade Plus Average
C. Cumulative Grade Point Average
D. Cumulative Grade Post Average

90. Which grade were the four girls certain of graduating with?
A. First Class
B. Second Class Upper
C. Second Class Lower
D. Third Class

91. Labaran was a
A. driver
B. politician
C. lecturer
D. student

92. Why did Salma quarrel with Tomiwa and her roommates?
A. because of Habib
B. Because of food
C. Because of Labaran
D. Because of religion

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93. Habib thought he was speaking with on the phone.

A. Tomiwa
B. Salma
C. Ngozi
D. Ada

94. Why do students often lock their doors and switch of the lights before eating?
A. They love eating in the dark
B. To keep the aroma of the food from going out
C. To keep off those students that likes to eat from others
D. To keep flies off the food

95. What first made Habib suspect that Tomiwa was not Salma?
A. Her beauty
B. Her English
C. Her confidence
D. Her shyness

96. How much did Habib give Tomiwa for

A. N100,000
B. N20,000
C. N50,000
D. N10,000

97. In the car, Labaran sat at the backseat because
A. he wanted Tomiwa to seat in front
B. the back was his favourite seat
C. he was the car owner
D. he was the driver

98. Whose number did Salma give Habib instead of hers?
A. Ummi’s
B. Ngozi’s
C. Tomiwa’s
D. Ada’s

99. is not one of the reasons why Tomiwa hated politicians.

A. She thinks they are the solution
B. She thinks they are the problem
C. They lie a lot
D. Nobody knows where they stand

100. Why did Tomiwa ask Labaran to sit in the front instead?
A. She feared that Labaran might be a killer
B. She hated sitting beside Habib
C. She disliked front seats
D. She liked Labaran

51. D
52. D
53. C
54. B
55. A
56. A
57. C
58. D

59. D
60. B
61. A
62. B
63. D
64. D
65. B
66. C
67. C
68. B
69. C
70. C
71. A
72. D
73. C
74. B
75. C
76. B
77. A
78. D
79. D
80. B

81. C
82. A
83. A
84. B
85. A
86. C
87. A
88. B
89. C
90. B
91. A
92. A
93. B
94. C
95. C
96. B
97. A
98. C
99. A
100. A

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