How can I be serious with my studies?

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To answer this kind of question, it’s largely depend on who is asking, anyone can decide to be serious and you can decide to choose the other way round, but I mean, on the long run all still bundles back to you “yourself” are you actually ready to be serious or just wanting hint to be serious and with time become unserious again. If well you know you’d like to be serious with your studies then this post is for you.


There are actually some steps you’d have to take, I’d try to break down this step into segment, and it will be really nice you read on, because it is very important:

  1. Be determined with what you read : when you read, it’s like inspiration, it’s either you get into it or it get out of you, really?! Yes, of course, you think many people just wake up a night and take pleasure in reading, No! did you think it was an easy task for the lady in your class that you look as nemesis to just be what she is?! No! All these take process and multiple determination, I remember growing, I use to reiterate Martin Luther  King’s popular statement to myself, “i have a dream” with this, anytime I say it to myself, I kinda stand up to action, read and try to assimilate.
  2. Assimilation : This is very important, assimilation is an idea of getting into things and making it reflect you, this is that you’d  not be seeing such book you’re reading like a thing to pass exam but rather, you see it in the light of something you can practice and relate with. Assimilation is very important in every human, even some set of person assimilate ignorance from others, if then, ignorance can be assimilated, why shouldn’t you take education instead, cos ignorance is a disease. Assimilation would help you alot to getting focused and be serious with your study.
  3. Ask for help : we do not mean this as begging on the street but rather, beg for the help of people who knows more than you, your pastor in church, your teacher, your schoolar friends, people you know are way better than you with brain, your elder sibling ( if you’ve got one), all this are facilitator and could make your seriousness level progress progressively, when you ask for help, it is one of the way you can even get focus and serious with your studies, because the people you are asking knows better than you do and for this their experience had be your inceptional knowledge which you lay yours and had make you smart, believe me there are no other ways to be serious with one studies, other than these that have been mentioned.
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Should I be reading more at night ??

Overnight is good, but believe me, it doesn’t work for everyone!, this doesn’t mean you should not do, it is very important to do, you can’t just waste all your time sleeping, even the popular saying say “he who snooze, lose!” So, you snooze, you lose, so it’s very pertinent you have some time even not all that you’d wake up in the middle of the night to read up or revise what you have been taught or is to be taught in next class. Overnight once again is good and it’s also aid your beginning step to getting serious with your studies, but does not work for all, so, analyse yourself as to that.

Should I take more coffee before reading ??

The first question is won’t you still sleep??An average cup of coffee costs $2.70, but a drink of cafe americano – which is espresso and water – is even less expensive with an average price of $2.62, this I’m saying is even in 2015, cos, I don’t take coffee again, and because of how it’s bitter when you taste the powder, anyways if you know it works perfectly fine for you, and would not make you sleep, then hop on it, it’s a good idea.


Can I drink coffee while reading and still sleep??

Anyways it’s a common knowledge by now that our immune system is stronger than another, the coffee is to make you not sleep? But in some people with strong immune system, the coffee even aid their sleeping process, so, yes! You can drink and still sleep off while reading and this is one way to be unserious, to be serious with your studies, figure out what pattern you’d use to make your eye open for the time being you’d be reading. Persons like me, would first take the first page of what I’m to read then sleep off, and wake back within 40 minutes and at least I can now read more than four and half hour. As silly as it seems this is how I became serious with my studies gradually.

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