NIGERIA FOOD JOKE : Most Consumed Food in Nigeria

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What is the most consumed food in Nigeria??

The body of this post had make you understand the food consumed by more Nigeria, stay tuned


BEANS: I am not suppose to be arguing with you guys. Everyone loves me.

POTATOES: Na audio love, no be all of them dey eat you.

BEANS: I am already the king with or without a crown, na me be number one for this Unit, my face show, my shoe shine, my teeth white.

RICE: Must we even argue about this? Everyone loves me, any function or party you go to, it’s me you will see there, if I’m not there that means the party never dey xup be that. Children loves me, adult loves me. Some families can’t go two days without cooking me. No cap I am the king of all foods.

YAM: You that people can’t buy, you are calling yourself king.

POTATOES: See kettle calling pot black. You wey dey talk, people fit buy you? Eh yam answer me?

YAM: Potatoes I no get your time. As I was saying, people love me because I can be prepared in different ways; boiled, porridge, fried and when pounded I am the king of all swallows with egusi sitting next to me as my queen.

EGUSI: Awwnn! You’re making me blush ,stop it. 🙈🙉

OKRO: (Whispering to Vegetable) Upon all the draw wey I dey draw I can’t still draw this guy’s (pounded yam) attention. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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POTATOES: Must you rub your relationship on our single faces?😞

SPAGHETTI: I should be the one to be crowned as the king of all foods.

POTATOES: See small nyansh dey shake o! 😏

SPAGHETTI: I no blame you ,people wey tall dey talk, you wey be dwarf dey follow talk. 🙄

INDOMIE: (laughing) that was harsh bro. 💔🤣

SPAGHETTI: As I was saying, I should be the king because I am very fast to prepare and require less ingredients. Ask a student who just came back from class and see what he or she will tell you. 💁🏻‍♂️

BEANS: (laughs)

INDOMIE: Bia…Spaghetti, that your last line is absolutely me and not you.

(Indomie and Spaghetti gets in a heated argument)

Then garri walks in.🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻

ALL THE FOODS: Odogwu… Twale bossman🙌🏻🙇🏻


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