Summary of Thomas Gabriel & Sons v Churchill & Sim case

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Thomas Gabriel & Sons v Churchill & Sim [1914]

Summary of Facts: This was a case where a vendor sued the del credere agent to recover the amount claimed by him under a contract as to which there were disputes between the vendor and the purchaser who refused payment on the ground that the seller did not duly perform his part of the contract.

Judgment: It was held by Pickford, J., after a review of the authorities that liability of del credere agents does not extend to make him the person with whom the seller is entitled, if he wishes, to litigate any disputes that arise out of the contract and ascertain what is due upon it. The learned judge after a review of the authorities observed:

The liability of the del credere agent is a Contingent pecuniary liability, not a liability to perform the contract; it is a pecuniary liability to make good in the event of the default of the buyer in respect of a pecuniary liability. It does not extend to other obligations of the contract. It does not expose the del credere agent to an action to ascertain the sum due. It is limited to a contingent pecuniary liability in respect of a sum which, as between the seller and the buyer, is an ascertained sum.

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