“You cause damage to this country kiss Daniel” : Fans shout at kiss Daniel as police put him in van to prison in Tanzania {Video}

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Fans spout tirades of different sort on Kiss Daniel popularly know as vado, this happened today in Tanzania as he was seen been escorted to the police van.


he was arrested by the police in Tanzania after fan scattered and turn down the whole event causing havoc due to is Tardiness to the show, as it seems in the viral video, it looks like he won’t be coming, fans then get angry and turn the place upside down. As he was already arrested the fans following and making video of him keep shouting “you have to pay for this!” “you cause damage to this country kiss Daniel”.

The organizers of the Summer Amplified Show in Tanzania have arrested the Buga hit maker, Kizz Daniel, for failing to perform at the well-publicized show on Sunday night.


‘The Citizen’, a Tanzania publication, reports that the singer failed to show up at the Summer Amplified concert at the Warehouse Arena (formerly Next Door Arena) in Dar es Salaam.

A viral video on Twitter shows the singer wearing a black hoodie while being escorted into a Tanzanian police van.

Earlier, the concert-goers staged a mild protest by throwing bottles at the empty stage after paying as much as $5000 and waiting for hours for the Singer to perform to no avail.

The singer was reported to have arrived in the country earlier but refused to perform because of the unavailability of his clothes.

Apology to Fans

According to ‘The Citizen, the event coordinator announced the singer’s arrival at the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) a few hours before the event. Fans of the singer were forced to wait until 6 a.m. for a live performance, but Kizz Daniel was absent.

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Str8up Vibes, the event coordinator, expressed their apologies in a statement on their Instagram on Monday morning.

The event organizers expressed regret at the unfortunate incident.

“We acknowledge that this has resulted in disappointment for our loyal customers and long-time valuable stakeholders,” the statement said.

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