Character Lists in Jane Eyre by Emily Brontë

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Character List

Jane eyre 

a young orphan who was left in the hands of her uncle and aunt,with her uncle’s passing,she was maltreated by her aunt and her cousins,despite all the odds,Jane continued to be a strong,defiant and independent woman.

Jane is a woman who is confident and brave and despite everything that she faced with her aunt and in Lowood college,she still became successful.She is a person who believes that both male and female are equal and refuses to accept the fact that society says women are inferior.

Mrs Reeds

– she is Janes aunt, yet she is oddly cruely and evil, she constantly maltreats Jane after her husband’s passing and only after Jane has stopped up to her did she stop the constant torture she put her through. She refuses to treat Jane like her child and later revealed on her sick bed that the reason why she treated jane like that was because Mr Reeds presented her to his own children and even though she had the opportunity to apologize to Jane vehemently refuse to apologize

Mrs Temple – she is a young nice woman whom Jane and Helen met in Lowood school an she is the only teacher who has as ever nice to them. Mrs Temple is soft-spoken and good with children and after she decided to stop teaching and get married was when Jane also decided it was time to leave Lowood

Alice Fairfax

– she is the house keeper at Thornsfield, she is the one who has Been managing Mr Rochester’s house since he goes on trips often. Jane first mistook her as the owner of the house but is later proved wrong when Mr Fairfax told her that she is merely a cave talker she also knows about Bertha mason but constantly blames grace Poole from the noises and m a bid to keep Jane away from the truth. She has been a caretaker at Thornsfield for so long that she is now considered one of the house owners.

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Helen burns

she is the only friend that Jane wakes through her life at Lowood. Helen burns is an orphan like Jane but yet she is treated and considered as one because her father does not care for her.  Helen is a compassionate and true friend towards Jane and even though she herself is going through a lot, she always tries to be cheerful. She belie in God and Urges Jane to do the same, she eventually dies of typhoid fever but even in her hour of death, she urges Jane not to be scared as she feels the suffering would end as she dies since she is not going to be with God .

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