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Mass media can be said to be as the wider extent which could be use in reaching large audience in a country or state.

Deducing it from the two phrase “mass” and ‘media’, mass is said to be a large amount of people and media on the other side which has its singular as medium means a platform through which an information is disseminate, now let join the two words together “mass media” .

Mass media is a medium through which information dissemination is dis-pass to an heterogeneous audience, the audience listening to a media might be internal or external in that the information is sent out through a media that could go over a wider reach.
Mass media includes TELEVISION, RADIO, FILM PRODUCTION, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINE, before i move into the main point of this post let me quickly explain what and how this aforementioned mediums are.

Ø Television – this is an audio-visual mass communication instrument which help to disseminate information that is complemented with visuals to the dispersed audience all over the globe examples are CNN, AJAZERA and so on

Ø Radio – this is an aural medium which is not complement with any form of visuals, radio also has a wider reach and it is refer to has the most fastest means of disseminating wider information,  though many televisions are aspiring in their own lane to be more better, they {TV} does breaking news which gives out fresh happenings to their heterogeneous audience

Ø Newspaper : this is everyday publication of articles of something that has happen a day before, with the bureaucratic process a newspaper will pass through cant make it gives out breaking news, it is bureaucratic in the sense that it has to pass through a lot of process before it will be publish, the issue of the reporter to the editing desk to the sub-editor to the chief editor and also the graphics department for image and so own before it gets to the publisher makes it a system of news gathering a day before the day it is to be published

Ø Magazine– this is an occasional publication of event and happenings, news paper through it expensive style of publication does not entertain every day publication , publication of a magazine may be weekly, fortnight, monthly or yearly.


Ø TO DISSEMINATE INFORMATION : this is one of the key leading role mass media plays in the society, mass media doubles its function to in one or two way get information from government and disseminate it to wider audience.

Ø EDUCATE PEOPLE: mass media through most of their educational talks, debate on tv and most time dramas in radio and educational programmed TV conduct can in one or two ways educate the mass on most things like right, norms values and so on.

Ø ACCOUNTABILITY : it make the people hold any government responsible for its ills in the society and for proper justice and accountability. Most government manifestos may not come through after assuming the post, but with mass media and enough controversies the government will be hold accountable for his or her deeds.

Ø ENTERTAINMENT : this is another leading factors of a mass media, it entertains it audience for merriment and relaxation purpose, because all seriousness without a little amount of relaxation brings wrong decoding form of things by our brain, as the world as been said to be enjoyed, mass media serve as one way to get some.

Ask yourself again what watchdog means , watch dog is always on guard for a house to prevent it from intruder or a criminal [thief], if you are very well observatory you should by now understands that the mass media functions as watchdog in the sense that it monitors every ills going on in the society, another is that as we know that power corrupt the owner, a public officer or anyone who belongs to an arm of government might be found wanting of is post, this type of people are what the press serve as watchdog on, the mass media now remind the government of issues that they haven’t be concern with and of which is affecting the society,  for example good road, lack of good water, alarming rate of poverty, violation of peoples rights and insecurity of many lives in a country.

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