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As for every lady or woman is mend to be with a man, so as the need to know how to satisfy them arises, one of the main purpose a lady has is to give good satisfaction to is man for him not to chase after other ladies for unsatisfactory purpose.

The woman in all ways is mightier than men, it is just nature that endow men with much power unlike the lady who seems to be fragile in society and has control of a lot of thing, let take it from here, a lady has a power to poison the mind of the child towards something, also a woman see to the smooth running of the home, so why then don’t you know how to control your man and satisfy him at the same time.

Satisfaction is an amount of pleasure given to someone or something to get god result of it at the end race, so as the pleasure you need to give to your man should be of better satisfaction, life is very short but if you think it will always still resides in the cycle of your hand you can keep leaving one guy or man for another, my sister it will not be very long for you before people staying around you call you a bitch or prostitute and let me get something into your head, the thing is what you as a lady must not loose in life is your value and dignity in front or face of any guy or man, but if you feel it is normal and you keep on depending on your beauty , i will not be surprise the time you will have leave the better partner you should have got in life, come to reason with me on this good three fact tat you can or might use for you to satisfy your man, check this three (3) powerful ways out.

HAVE GOOD CHARACTER : as we all know character gives impression, infact, let me just say character is the human itself not you yourself, having good character is like having everything that it could take to satisfy your man in life, your character is what give more love to the guy or the man mind, for every good character cures ten times the errors the lady might commit, the life of everyone is shown to another through there character, so for a lady to win the heart of a guy you have to have good attitude towards anything and everything about him, though do correct the guy if there is the need for that.

DONT BE THE DEMANDING TYPE : someone who demands will end-up not getting anything good from such act, come to belief that what your man is doing for you other girls want their man to do such to them whereas thy are still satisfy, but you as a demanded it will surprise you that with all your beauty you will loose your boyfriend or man to a new lady who might not in any way better than you are in any purpose except character, mind you your man is only there for you to be mutually benefit not you serving as a predator on what could even make good life for you two in life, get this , IT IS JUST A RELATIONSHIP NOT  ponzi scheme or money opportunities.

BE PROUD OF HIM ( SHOW THE LOVE YOU FOR HIM ) : this is another pressing factor i.e one has to be very careful all aspect of is i don’t care-free towards her man, the more you dont make him feel loved, the more the more the little love he has for you declined and you know something about decline, the highest stage of it is when things fade-away finally and transpose into one which is not pleasant, you not showing proper love for your man and even making him know will not only result to him stop loving you only but will also have bad intentions towards you of which might damage your life, let come to think of a guy whose lady have never care to ask how far is his business but demands for money all time will not only end up being stopped loving  by the man/guy but will also want to only use the lady sexually or abuse her, so one of the best way for you not to let your man think of all what is to be at peace with him and showing it that you really care for him in all is endeavor and career, you must also be very supportive fan of his business on, with this i think, i have made some point and some people who are reading this will know how to go about with it or make amendment if it is called for.

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