5 Things require of an Adult to live a peaceful life

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5 Things require of an Adult to live a peaceful life

There was always a time that one start from being a dependant, those times were the best part of life, having have to think of nothing other than the fact that you’d like to eat or play with friends.

Developing into adulthood might be harsh reality to face but indeed “everyone shall grow and face what life have for them” they say yeah? It’s practically on this ground that we in ANSMYQUES.COM also decide to write on our view as to Five (5) things require of Adult to live a peaceful life.

What we have around are not all encompassing as many of us walk through life we’d realise there are different methods and approaches to it, among others this include :

1. Stay away from anything that gives you problem :


One thing common to a teenager is getting themselves into different troubles, fights, unhealthy beefs and all sort, this is not one thing that an adult even needs at all, I mean, there are lot to thing already, ranging from rent fee, work, self development, timing and so on. For these being said then, it’s more than important to keep one’s head above water all times.

2. Affect Your Environment :

As an adult, there are quite a number of ways you can affect your Environment, it’s actually not a rocket science, ranging from helping in community development, if you’re talented and have listening skill, try to listen to people’s problems when even they complain to you, this, not devoid of when you actually know you’ve got one yourself. Just like the popular Raider of Treasure Troove poem “…birth Roses wherever you pause…” it’s one thing that should be fundamental to human and i suppose what God literally create human for, to make others happy, so try as much as you can to affect your environment positively, you don’t know who’s watching your move, you don’t know who you already become role model to.


3. Accord reasonable time to your relationship:

if you ain’t in relationship yet, well, don’t force it, because such will become tiring on the long run and many people run wild and begins to change their concept about life when they keep getting into futile relationships. If you have manage to get one, it is imperative that you accord ample timing to it, many had lose their supposed long life partner due to not giving much attention, the love is always there but the timing is always bad, then it’s just a matter of time before one party get weaker and vulnerable thinking they’re giving too much than they should because of the relationship. Be wise and accord reasonable time, it’s important

4. Set a goal that keep you away from trivials :

setting a goal is one thing, achieving is another, but it starts from the setting of the goal. It’d be nice to ask oneself that “i should have a car by 29”, this goal setting thing help then to know how far or what length one will work hard to get the set goal. Many people rather waste their times on women, or partying all goodness times, well, It’d be soon realised that to gather is difficult to blow off is the easiest to do in life. It’s advisable for an adult to rather set goal and trying to achieve them rather to concern themselve with trivials and irrelevance. Even if you can’t meet the set goal at the time being placed on it, you’d have moved a step further from what position you’re Currently in.


5. Invest in yourself :

There are quite a number of ways one can invest in themselves, this is not devoid of reading a book, trying to understand how to solve an administrative problem, learning a skill either online or even manual, it might seem ridiculous from start but it’s with time one had see this really will come in handy.

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