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Parenthood is an act of giving birth to child, nursing and raising up of children. Parenthood is a long time life process to which human as in from birth are raise under the cared of another two individual or individual i.e if the child has only one parent.

Parenthood also means being a parent or being in the office of a parent i.e guardian and so on, guardian can include one uncle, aunt, relative, family friend and so on, some school of thought beliefs that parenting a child begins from womb that is the moment a mother get pregnant, she as the woman on her part begins are parenting job by reducing all form of strees he or she might have gotten herself or himself, the womb to which the child is cocoon has serve as protection for the baby and for this it should not just be mismanage,  a good parent right from the pregnant of a child takes good balance diet for protection of the about to come child, the child from this point enjoys good parenthood even when he/she has nothing to offer or gratitude to show from his/her inception of life and the long journey ahead to embark on.

The school of thought beliefs that when there is an enabling environment and the pregnant mother is in harmony of with the father , it helps in the sense that the psychological thinking of the unborn child become of such great  that by the time he/she will fully come clean with every features of the society, it will be very well better for the child and the life he/ she too Can foreshadow for himself/herself.

Parent is one thing, responsible parenthood is another, when a parent is responsible and God fearing they will belief it is their perfect duties to do all what they can to help the child in life to attain to to at least make things work out in life through this world of toggle and hustling things, if we should take the opposite view of a good parenthood i.e who never cared about what he and she has begat, school of thought said that “what is the essence of giving birth to excess when there is no real sense”, the real sense in this context is not all about sense in the head but to another version it is, because without planning well for life and the system to which one want to use in giving birth is like not having sense, but sense with the school of thought might mean much but to our own interpretation of the modern world i will tell you that is talked about here is all about money which serve as the main key to giving birth.

Parenting continues throughout a child until he/she transits into a responsible adult, able to take up the responsibility of parenting a child also. With this parenting means the way one train a child how to behave mostly moral , ensuring the good health of the child , ensuring the sound psychological balance of a child and inculcating virtues which will give a good future to the child.


PROVISION OF BASIC NEEDS : the basic need include the following :

  1. PROVISION OF FOOD : the parent of a child provide food in the middle of everything happening in the society , they work so much hard to see that their children or the child is doing fine .
  2. PROVISION OF SHELTER : provision from rain, scorching sun and  many more are all the responsibilities of good parent because a housing is need to put in place for better life for the children and the family.
  3. PROVISION OF CLOTHING : parent provide for clothing that varies with whether and moment even period of day e.g you don’t wear your day cloth to sleep, you have to put on your pajamas.
  4. PROVISION OF GOOD EDUCATION : education which is said to be the best legacy can be paid for by the parent of a child, as parent, we must give good education to our children.
  5. PROVISION OF ENLIGHTENMENT : as parent we need to teach the children on how things goes in the society and how he/she will appreciate it as a value for national upliftment.
  6. PROVISION OF ENVIRONMENT : the provision of stable environment and an arena for good moral conduct and spiritual development .
  7. PROVISION OF JOB ORIENTATION : parent serve as the fellow who gives proper job orientation to the child even since when he/she is young, as parents, one have to teach a child on how to appreciate dignity of labor, hard work diligence .
  8. BREAK THROUGH COMMUNICATION BARRIER : communication is the act of interacting with someone or many people, let put it that the first place to which a child learn how to communicate or speak most especially first born is the parent.

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