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1………….is the set of rules and regulations through which a society is governed (a) book (b) document (c) law (d) theory

Ans : law, it is what defines the do and does of a society

2………..propounded rule of law (a) John Locke (b) Aristotle (c) AV dicey (d) Plato

Ans : AV DICEY, he propounded rule of law and also gives its principles e.g supremacy of the law over all citizens

3. The rules of law implies………..of the law over every citizens (a) Supremacy (b) adjustment (c) review (d) exposure

Ans : supremacy, I.e even the power of the so call arms of government must be limited

4. One of the following is not feature of rules of law (a) equality before the law (b) principles of immunity (c) principles of fair hearing (d) principles of impartiality

Ans : principle of immunity, not there

5. No suspect should be detailed for more than………(a) 30 hour (b) 24 hour (c) 60 minutes (d) 12 hours

Ans : 24 hours I.e writ of heabeas corpus

6. One of the following is not the benefits of features in rules of law (a) it protects citizens rights against arbitrary (b) guarantee fundamental human rights (c) allowed for equality (d) ensure press freedom

Ans : in this case the odd one is ensure press freedom, for all is in the game

7. Keeping the society is the responsibility of………….(a)government (b) executive (c) everyone (d) army

Ans : C, everyone, it is stated in the constitution that before the arrival of govt officials like police, people should at least protect their immediate environment.

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8. The law making body in Nigeria is togetherly called (a) house of rep (b) national assembly (c) parliament (d) house of senate

Ans : National assembly, at the federal level Nigeria legislature is bicameral in nature

9. UDHR means………..(a) universal decision of house of rep (b) universal declaration of human rights (c) unity declaration of harmonized republic (d) universal deciding house reply

Ans : universal declaration of human right, it was created in 1948

10. Human rights was propounded by………….(a) John Locke (b) Aristotle (c) AV dicey (d) Plato

Ans : John Locke

11. UDHR was established in…………..(a) 1942 (b) 1943 (c) 1946 (d) 1948

Ans : 1948

12. The……..serve as the only body that can declare one guilty of a crime (a) executive (b) legislature (c) the courts (d) anybody

Ans : The court is the legal institution to declare one guilty of a crime

13. Limitation of human rights include one of the following (a) defamation of characters (b) freedom of expression (c) freedom of human beings (d) legal use of authority

Ans : Defamation of character

14. Anyone arrested should be given………..on an offense through normal legal process in the court (a) punishment (b) fair hearing (c) phone (d) recall

Ans : Fair hearing : I.e anyone who is taken to court should be given the right to talk out is own part of the event.

15. Some advantages that are fundamental which a individual can lay just a claim on if denied or derived is………….(a)fundamental human rights (b) constitution (c) rules of law (d) singing prayer

Ans : Fundamental human right, it is the inelianable right enjoy by citizen of a country

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16. Provisions of enlightment programme is the function or one of the ways to protect……… (a) money in the bank (b) abuse of human rights (c) people from going out (d) the constitution


17. Educating teachers, students and populace is another means of preventing abuse of human rights (a) true (b) false (c) I don’t know (d) none of the above

Ans : true, for some people did not no the tenet of the constitution

18. Pick the odd one out (a) ballot box (b) election (c) vote (d) medical

Ans : medical, this is the only odd thing for the rest are election techniques

19. Children should be treated has human beings and not…………. (a) animal (b) alien (c) unrighteousness (d) baby

Ans : Animal, animal is what offends you and you plan to kill it or murder it.

20. The rights of every citizen to vote and be voted for in an election is called………… (a) franchise (b) voting (c) human rights (d) choosing

Ans : Franchise

21. People elect……….through voting means (a) representative (b) judge (c) alien (d) hooligans

Ans : REPRESENTATIVE, just as it is in democracy

22. Nigeria flag has how many colors (a) 2 (b) 5 (c) 1 (d) 4

Ans : 2 colours , white and Green

23. Nigeria has how many states and capital (a) 32 (b) 36 (c) 40 (d) 37

Ans : 36

24. President is to federal, so as governor is to……. (a) federal (b) state (c) region (d) Plato

Ans : state, it happens in a federal system

25. The state that has her slogan has “pacesetter” in Nigeria is……… (a) Oyo state (b) ogun state (c) osun state (d) lagos state

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Ans : Oyo state in Nigeria

26. Nigeria got her independence in……….. (a) 1942 (b) 1960 (c) 1963 (d) 1946

Ans : 1960

27. With love and strength and faith is…………line of the Nigeria national anthem (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5

Ans : line 4 in the Nigeria national anthem

28. The…………. Of a country has the full rights (a) citizen (b) migrants (c) aliens (d) Travellers

Ans : the citizen of a country has full right defined by the constitution

29. Nigeria FCT is at (a) Oyo state (b) ogun state (c) Abuja (d) lagos state

Ans : Abuja

30……….define democracy as the government of the people by the people and for the people (a) ibkemmanuel (b) Mohammed buhari (c) Abraham Lincoln (d) Shaheed balogun


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