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On today educational post we are going to be discussing on the tenet and all what makes the presidential system works , the system is defined right after coining out a very first meaning of fro the word i.e ‘presidential ‘ from it we got the word “president”.
Presidential system of government can be defined as one in which the same man who function as the head of state also function as the head of government of which cannot happen in a parliamentary system.
Presidential system of government brothers that of parliamentary because in this new age of democracy, the presidential system is in most of both the Europeans, Asia and African countries, the welcoming in of a presidential system is for proper execution of function by only one man who the who the executive power is bestowed upon, the belief in presidential system is that things or to be precise function must be done separately and that is what gave birth to an idea of  “separation of power” which is the very close assistance of checks and balances. The juggled parliamentary system has have its ways for years mostly in European countries like Britain ( Britain still practices that ) and some others but the “fusion of power” has made it very hard to practice, how will the functions of booth the legislature, executive even judiciary be execute by only one person alone, this has been the order and the idea of parliamentary system right from time before the coming in of a presidential system.
The president is both the head of state and head of government and he is referred to as the executive president because , he has executive power. The president who is elected by the electorate of which is not the system in parliamentary , instead of the electorate electing the prime minister, he is elected by the legislature who he might have in one way or the order turn to his side,the president is the commander in chief of the armed forces. The president elect members of his cabinet who are also not members of parliament ( legislature ), this system does not buy into the idea of collective responsibility which happens all time in parliamentary, collective responsibility in the sense that when any one of the prime minister cabinet is found wanting or commits an err, then he has become liability to all the rest cabinet for they all have to resign together, presidential system never give any audience to that but beliefs in the fact that any soul or minister who is found wanting should take on is own fault and to be prosecute individually and not to affect the innocent who knows nothing about the crime someone else’s has committed. The United State of American offers a good presidential system of which other countries also can emulate,  Nigeria tried the system in 1979 during Nigeria second republic and they still practice it till today since her fourth republic  in 1999.
  1. In presidential system the president serves as both the head of state and the head of government i.e is function is doubled to function as the one true executive president of a federation or country at large.
  2. Prerogative   of mercy i.e the power for the executive to pardon prisoners , appointment of judges  to the supreme court, assenting of bills etc, invested in Nigeria president between 1973-1983 made the president to perform legislative function.
  3. There is the application of rule of law
  4. Best suit with democracy .
  5. The president is responsible to the constitution and not the legislature who made it, unlike the parliamentary system where all the knowledge and idea of the prime minister is gathered to him by the legislature.
  6. The real executive power belongs to  the President.
  7. The president and his ministers are not member of the legislature.
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  1. SEPARATION OF POWER : the power in every Presidential state is always separate i.e the function of each cannot be hijacked by any, they get their power  from the constitution , so it is very well clear that each knows what to do.
  2. CHECKS AND BALANCES : this is the principle that work in line with the separation of power, i.e if any member is found wanting in function the others might check her excess and knows what step to take .
  3. PREVENT EMERGENCE OF DICTATORS  : the system prevent dictators to emerge in the system, let see it that the existence of dictator can only come in  when their isn’t vote or election, but that has been put-off and there is ground for election for this, the dictators are silent away from emerging has a leader .

  1. LOBBYING BREEDS WIDESPREAD OF CORRUPTION : lobbying which is one the great feature of a presidential system is interpreted or said to means bribery to some legislature, hence legislature must wait to be bribed before passing any bill initiated by the president.
  2. EXPENSIVE TO RUN : with all the big feature of separation of power, democracy, rule of law, checks and balances , code of conduct, bureaucracy and so on makes it expensive to run.
  3. IT IS DIFFICULT TO CONTROL THE PRESIDENT : most times only when they are making promises through manifestos that is when you can only control the about to be president but once they mount the post they became uneasy and difficult to understand.

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