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Competition to some people is a race between two or more people of which only one of the Every person involved will be the head while others will set at the back, although, the first and the runner-up is what we need in a competition. 

Competition to some people is defined as a game of luck whereby many people comes to participate but the crown is going to be given to a particular person which comes first and this possible come first served as the leader of which might have a runner up like ii iii, iv, v and so on.

It is not always very easy to compete with a large number of people,  consider someone who is applying for medicine and surgery or a law as course in high institution is liking to a person that is facing the world because these two courses are one of the course that at least 85% of people in the world wants to study of which doesn’t work out well for many and admission is only given to 2% of the 100% that applied for it, with this we can see that only who has heart  will win or sometimes those that have strong head will win.

As competition seems to be great game of luck to some people, so as it is a game of passion to some other who believe in their mind, strength, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, techniques, ability, actions, psychic ability and so on

Now for the purpose of this post and to cut the long story short we are going to talk about five ways to prepare for a competition and the best way to get it because this explanation will teach you that it is a game of passion and at the same time it might be a game of luck of which anyone could win if you can follow these steps carefully and following it carefully means that you are totally dedicated and submissive to instructions and allow yourself to be free to do what has to be done.

  1. PREPARED WELL : the first step in going for a competition is to prepare well, preparation can be defined as setting up yourself against what you haven’t faced before or you have been facing before or which you want to let good thing come out of your way through it, to be prepared to the readiness, and to be readiness is ready to face any possible outcome that is coming through the way of the competition, the preparation determines a lot about what you are competing on let for instance you are going for a football competition and you haven’t been training yourself there is no how you can work well with your team and when there is noting such club or association loses to other thing or the opponent body who has prepared well against what they might want to face with you guys. For these it is better to prepare ahead of the competition than to get into the competition and start struggling all the possible best of someone the best way is preparing, preparing is the key,  the first part and the main thing one has to do while when it comes to competition
  2. STAY FOCUS : staying focused is like putting up one eyes up straight and staying upright two things, to be focused means to have one mind set on its totally, the purpose of putting one mind in competition is to know the very best way to fight it in every corner so that by then when one goes to it, one will not end up losing and to lose his to be shattered in mind, using a competition doesn’t seems always good and it is always heartbreaking and discouraging so it’s better for someone to stay focused and put it in line with full commitment that I will do my possible best to focus on this competition not until it over,  it is not over until the competition is over. 
  3. BELIEVE YOU WILL WIN : it’s better to believe that I will win rather than am I not going to lose? , is it not this competition that will kill me? , there are some better people than me, i can look at that guy over there is also competing with me, no no no, this is what you’ll be ringing in your head,  no,  when you put your competitors at mind it won’t be very easy for you to win, and as you can see, beauty belongs to those that believe in the future of their dream and believing in the future of your dream means that you have all the strength that you want to put into it and you believe in yourself that you can do it and you yourself alone is you who can do it we can face the competition and when all the people that are there because you are the product of yourself you don’t have to face anyone process or skill or talk on the mighty acts someone has done before but why can’t you rather face your own business and put up all your strength that you want to put in the competition and
  4. it done believe you can win this is the very best way that can help you in the competition to win the competition is very easy but you need to believe in yourself and yourself alone is worth can get it done for you not until you get the crown in the competition, that is when you can now say,  yes I won! 
  5. TAKE AWAY YOUR FEAR : here is one thing that can take away someone’s happiness and someone tonight or skill, process, ability, strategy, uniqueness, creativity and style of doing things. The best way to win a competition is to take away one’s fear, where has no gain that is good give unto you other than making you stay in one position and making you think no I don’t think I can do it I think I don’t want this, i think this is a situation that I cannot face, and as you can see competition is like a lion or a tiger, the only roar to scare away the life out of you, but once you can face them at the first sight with a strong heart,  responsibility you scare away their own life out of them also, the more you put fear in your mind the more you are preparing to lose and fear is not one of the thing of competition competition is the one that creates the feeling you so you have to fight it in person that know and nothing will hinder me from winning this competition if you can believe it this way then you are getting there. 
  6. FACE IT : to face it means to compete, never care comes what may, try on your own very possible best not to let the competition where you down even at the sight of seeing many people that are better than you, all you have to do is to try your best and leave the rest, the rest you leave, will make you win just believe in yourself and it’s going to be good. 


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