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Reading can be defined as the concept or an idea whereby one construct or negotiate meaning from a written text. Reading should be one main basic life thing for
everyone, it serve as the brain-box to which many people have the success they want in life, take it from this angle you can say someone  who goes to school only is a reader but I will tell you even the most trivial trade in all time as well needs reading because reading as a topic brings out the best in one, ones one continue reading and studying a process with one mind set then I can tell you that you are on the right path.

Reading Is the act of gaining knowledge of which could be for entertainment purpose, pleasure purpose or for information purpose.

One must strive to become effective to and efficient in reading to meet the demand of literacy and learning in today’s ever-changing and competitive world.

In reading a book, one has to be all in the following:

1. CONSTRUCTIVE : this is the ability to see things in your own way even without the knowledge of no-one, you must be able to respond well to written material on how it relate with what is going on in the changing world.

2. FLUENT : this part involve the mastery of processes to the point where they are automatic so that attention is freed for the proper analysis of the meaning.

3. STRATEGIC : being strategic is the relationship between one’s reading and one purpose, the nature of the text and whether one is comprehending.


4. MOTIVATED : this means the how to which you can use it on others for comprehensive purposes and that written materials can be interesting and informative; and lastly.

5. A LIFE LONG PURSUIT : this is the ability to see reading as contínuos practice, development, and refinement.

knowing the particular purpose while you are reading sometimes is very very important, this is because of nothing but because it aids the process of comprehension and the reading speed to make sense and seems meaning full to the reader, reading in itself should be for a purpose, but if the purpose can be figured out then it could aid you to fastly get to the point and knowledge you seems to aquire, understanding what one has to read is the key to reading, efficient reader adjust the speed of their reading to the purpose for which they are reading, thereby getting the best of their reading exercise. 
If we look deep into it, we can see that reading purposes can be categories or summarize into four (4) they are:
Proper explanation 
1. READING FOR INFORMATION : people read to get information from a recognize written text. The purpose of the main thing the reading is meant to be use for will determine the kind of technique or why to deploy in the reading, let for instance  a person reading newspaper about social happenings would be different from those employed by a student who, in addition to reading in set up for exam, will also be reading to gather the main idea or concepts about what he or she reads. The person reading a newspaper will read at extensive while the other (student) will read for intensive purpose and beyond even the so call newspaper reader expert. 
The student who read at intensive process will go far more than someone who can’t just stop reading for extension of ordinary knowledge, the student that do not only read to pass examination but also to get informed will likely use is knowledge creatively – to invent, recreate, redefine and re-organize. 
2. READING FOR PLEASURE/RELAXATION : Just as people have always eat, drink, sleep for satisfaction and relaxation so as there is reading for relaxation, reading for this purpose is always done in a relax manner, the type of reading employ for this is the extensive reading, example of this kind of reading is like reading a literary work, novel, poem, cartoon, feature articles and so on. 
3. READING TO  MAKE JUDGEMENT ; reading to make judgement is often the purpose for who read literary works, like university dons, in order to make comment and pass value judgement. People like editor, proofreader, grade or assess theoretical examination scripts, or some people who criticize the work of others to find fault for change, often reads for this purpose. Also researchers who reference work in a given literature must have read those works with this purpose in mind. 
4. READING FOR EXAMINATION : reading for examination is a form of intensive reading whereby one read to knowledge all things in the printed materials, one can use SQ3R techniques which means Study, Questions, Read, Review and Revise.


How it works : After getting the printed materials, study it, after some time ask yourself questions to know where and where to retouch, after that Read again, after reading again, try to review it in form of questions and write-up of all what you have read, then after that Revise the whole thing then I will see you with good result after that. 

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