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  •  Pick the odd one out. (a) black axe (b) black cat (c)vikings fraternity (d)deeper life bible church 
  • ogun state has how many local government (a) 30 (b) 21 (c) 30 (d) 20
  • The laid down rule stating how a country will be govern is called ————– (a) constitution (b) constitutionalism (c) preamble (d) norms
  • The way of life of people living in a society is ——————— (a) Tradition (b) constitution (c) orientation (d) norms
  • The sharing of political power between the federal and component unit is ————– (a) federalism (b) unitary (c) presidential  (d) parliamentary
  •  Popular participation is the willingness of any member of a society to have hand in any ———————- of the state. (a) development activities (b) back bitting talks (c) downtrodden activities (d) unplesant acyivities
  •   Cult clashes can lead to out break of violence. (a) true (b) false (c) i don’t know (d) A and C
  • The act of making individual educate and have knowledge from a wide range of different element of learning. (a) citizenship education (b) career (c) wisdom (d) broading
  •   ————————  is not a citizen obligation in the society. (a) be loyal to the country (b) Pay his/her tax willingly and promtly (c) keep our surroundings clean (d) creates arson in election
  • One but all is not a reason for participating in politics (a) expected change not seen (b) promotability (c) awareness and stability (d) to enhance development
  • ——————- can be defined as a group of like minded person coming together to form government. (a) political association (b) political party (c) political culture (d) political ideology
  • NDLEA  means ——————- (a) National drug law enforcement agency (b) Nigeria developed leading Europian agency (c) National developed law effort agency (d) Nigeria doctors leading educative agency
  • The “Red house” in Nigeria is the (a) National assembly (b) house of representative (c) house of senate (d) house of lords
  •  “Green house” in Nigeria is ——————— (a) house of common (b) house of rep (c) house of senate (c) house of senate (d) house of lords      
  •  Nigeria second republic was in ————————- (a) 1960-1966 (b) 1963-1979 (c) 1979-1983 (d) 1983-1985
  • The bedrock of political socialization is ——————– (a) family (b) school (c) press (d) peer group
  • All but one is not an  agent of political  socialization (a) Famiy (b) The community (c) The school (d) Military
  • Positive values include the following except ——————— (a) Tolerance (b) Humanity (c) Intergrity (d) cunning
  • The process of amendment of writtwen  constitution is (a) Rigid (b) Flexible (c) Unitary (d) Federal
  • The constitution that has easy amendment process is ———————- (a) Flexible (b) Rigid (c) Unitary (d) Federal
  • Human trafficking affect ———————- and —————- most (a) Father and Mother (b) Women and Children (c) Boy and Girl (d) only men
  • Women forced into prostitution is a form of ———————-(a) Charity (b) Authority (c) Human Trafficking (d) Child labour
  • ——————- is not one of the causes of human trafficking (a) Greed (b) Low self esteem (c) Unemployement (d) Religion act
  •  Nigeria got her republic in what year (a) 1979 (b) 1984 (c) 1963 (d) 1992
  • The highest court in Nigeria is the ——————– (a) Supreme court (b) Magistrate court (c) Federal high court (d) Sharia court
  • The court that has strict principles of adherence in nigeria is (a) supreme (b) magistrate (c) sharia (d) sharia court
  • The protection of the society is the resonsiblity of ————————— (a) Government (b)Everyone (c) President (d) Executive
  • ————————— is the proposed law waitng for the assent of the executive. (a) Order (b) Power (c) bill (d) deposit slip
  • The equality of everyone is best said in ——————– (a) Power (b) Rule of law (c) Court (d) House of assemby
  •  The design of Nigeria flag was by ————————— (a) Ibk Emanuel (b) Taiwo Akinkunmi (c) Taiwo Adewuyi (d) Taiwo Ogbonia
1. D 2.A 3.A 4.A 5.A 6.A 7. TRUE 8. A 9.D 10. B 11. B 12.A 13. C 14. B 15. C 16. A 17. D 18. D 19. A 20. A 21. B 22.BC 23. D 24. C 25. A 26. C 27. B 28. C 29. B 30. C

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