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What is Contentment??

Contentment is said to be a state of self-satisfaction with what one has or one possesses. Contented person is said to be satisfied and happy even glad with little or minor thing that you have possess, to be contented is not to feel jealous about the things that other has, rather try to work hard.

According to Merriam Webster:

the quality or state of being contented or something that contents

According to vocabulary :

Contentment is the state of being happy and satisfied. On Thanksgiving when you think about all you are grateful for, hopefully you feel a sense of contentment. If not, have another piece of pie and then you’ll feel contentment.

According to Cambridge dictionary:

Contentment is the state of happiness and satisfaction, often because you have everything you need

How to use contentment in word

  1. He has a heart full of contentment
  2. The fact that he stoles shows his lack of Contentment
  3. Contentment is key to satisfactory
  4. Many people in Ohio, United state shows Contentment

As more and more to meet one goal in life, one who is content will do exploit in many areas of life because you never think twice on hurting the feelings of others because probably they might be one step faster than you, the thing is a contended fellow will look at things that seems problem and big as just little and few. 

The attributes to which Contentment could be achieved are much, but at least we will talk about some of it, the attributes of Contentment include the following :
  1. SATISFACTION : what does satisfaction means??    a contented person will make sure he/she is not push by what he has seen done by other, satisfaction is the level of being okay and pleased with the little one has possessed, the possession of other seems just normal to a contented person, he/she will believe that it is just a matter of time before too can get his/her own without any cunning way to which may might have come through the jealously of other people around them, he/she feel a happy with what he/she have possess and work much more better for good status, he never let the lust of wealth other have aquired directs him/her negatively to do things in a wrong way but he keeps on making more through life in a decent and godly manner. 
  2. LACK OF ENVY : How do you stop being envy?? One true major attribute of Contentment is the absense of envy, to envy is to think false or better to say, to be jealous, s contented person never feels envy of someone who has gotten is own wealth through illegal means or improper ways, the level of Contentment in human forms the low degree of envy in every human, one who is contended believes that with patience and hardwork he will surely progress in life. He is never melancholy about the things others have possessed over him. 
  3. HATRED FOR GREEDINESS: what really is hatred?? To be contented is to have total hatred for greedy act that is showing interest in all and never want to leave a space for another person to enjoy such, a greedy person is who assume a governorship post and never want to come down from the thrown anymore and keep embezzling money any how, hatred for greed makes man shun a grab-it-all tendency in whatever he does. He does not frustrate or push others down that everything can always be for him at all time, hatred for greed is showing Contentment on one’s possession. 
  4. HATRED FOR CORRUPTION : corruption is an act of breaking the normal rules guiding some fact about something and trying to cover it up with what one has in possession, a person who stole from a house and bribe the security guards is a corrupt person, someone who loves money even that human being of which they have a particular way of birth is a corrupt person, hatred for corruption makes a contented person not to engage in corrupt practices such as bribery, embezzlement of fund, misappropriation of government money e.t.c he tries to take himself out of sharp practices to get rich fast. He prefer making money or progress in a clean, decent and godly way. 
  5. HUMILITY :        A contented person is always humble, come what may in his life, he/she believes in that being humble can get solutions to hard problems that might cause anything, but the degree to which one humble will bring him the joy of God and the favor of man, a contented person is always humble and does not brag or raise shoulders on what he/she might have possessed. The humility that resides in the heart of an humble fellow will make people notice him and not that he show-off so that people will know he has arrived. 
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What are effect of lack of Contentment ??
  1. CORRUPTION : when the people of a given society or a place lack Contentment, then corruption will be the order of the day and might get to an extent that might cause deterioration to the community as a whole, because the upcoming ones will believe that corruption seems right and they will be guilt-free about it. 
  2. GREED : greed cause for lack of Contentment I.e the greedy fellow never thinks of doing things the proper way, the luster of money and the idea to accumulate more wealth covers their eyes for them to see that other people are out there suffering the course of his own wealth accumulation which will not end on him but will extend to his 4th generation.
  3. ENVY : Lack of Contentment brought about envy. This leads to anti-social behaviors such as assassination, armed robbery, kidnapping e.t.c. An envious person will want to get rid of the rich person so that he could get hold of his wealth. 
  4. THEFT : Man and woman, boy and girl who seems not contented with what they have on their possessions always go about stealing from others which seems bad according to the law of God and man, for them to get more in their possession they steal and make other people cry at the expense of them getting quick wealth. A child who is not contented with what his parents gave him to school may be stealing is friend money to live and look good like them. Civil servants that are not contented with their pay would not hesitate stealing and selling government properties to make more money and live better than their colleagues that are earning more than them. 
  5. PROSTITUTION : Women who are not contented will gulibly ran into prostitution and at the same time this means which is considered deadly and no disease-free can ruin the life of anyone intending to sit it on as a perfect job. When a lady is not living towards all the resources she needs through not being contented could join the association of prostitute, their are lot of examples like many secondary school girls go to sugar daddy I.e a man friend and have sex with them in exchange for wealth, money, power, connections and more, but all in one the result is not always that funny, it either result in HIV or to Aid or other deadly diseases directly. 
Summary : one has to be contend with what he/she has, believe in the future of your vision and don’t stay back to look at what others have achieved, pray to God about your life and be humble, then it’s well with you. 

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