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The full analysis/summary 

The pully talks more of the relationship that exist between God and man, this poem stress the importance of God been nice to what he has created and adorn with a lot of natural things e.g tress, bird, sky and more beautiful things, the poet makes us 
understand that God sees human as a being that is subject to change and they may go astray and follow the wrong course by loving the natural things God created and not the God of creation himself.

The pulley now stress the dependence OF man on God I.e without God the maker and the doer of everything, man is said to be nothing, God make himself superior to man by seizing rest out of man’s life, this simply means that God remove what will not make man come to him and this rest we are talking about in this context is available in many form to man, to some, it is lack of money, barreness, abject poverty and so on, God make it compulsory that man will always have to appear before him before their numerous problems will be solved.

The pulley is symbolizes a metaphor showing that man is helpless and dependence not in anything but God, the poem revolve around three things the first is that the poet make us know about the creation story in the genesis of man and its inception, this is shown to us when the poet says ‘let us’ in the beginning and he further tells us how God endowned what he has created with alot of riches and honor while moving on, we realize that the third stage is God make everything perfect by giving human a things but removes rest from him, this is seen as “almighty strategy’ to bringing human back to him.

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God has given man what he will for all time want, but in the name of human must dance to the tune of the creator, he bestow restlessness and weariness upon man for them to always run to him for their bordering mind.
The essence of this poem stress that without Christ there is no life, this is a religious poem, everyone just have to in one way or the other subject his/her self to God in order for him to help.


  1. The mightyness of God on man
  2. The frailty of the human mind 
  3. God ways of making people come to him
  4. The motive behind human’s rest
  5. God love for man
  6. Human inferiority to God 
  7. God the all sufficient one
  • Alliteration : ‘repining restlessness’ “so strength” the consonant beginning the first words, for the purpose of emphasis. 
  • Assomance: “.. almost all was out” the A’s in this word which serve the purpose of emphasis. 
  • Imagery: the presentation of a particular image that gives us the  description in mind of how it is, the imagery here is ‘the pulley”. 
  • Biblical allusion : the poems is totally biblical in nature,’ let make man” and so on dipict this poem as an allusional poem
  • Synedoche: this is using a whole for a part and a part for a while, their is the word “bresat” which is part of the body which has part of the body. 
  • Personification: in this context,  it is use when we make mention of “weariness and restlessness”  as an human, human attributes are accord to the both as if it is human. 

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