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  1. The pressure of two moles of an ideal gas at a temperature of 27oC and volume 10-2m3 is
    [R = 8.313 J mol-1K-1]
    A. 4.99 x 105 Nm-2
    B. 9.80 x 103 Nm-2
    C. 4.99 x 103 Nm-2
    D. 9.80 x 105 Nm-2
  2. A 2000W electric heater is used to heat a metal object of mass 5kg initially at 10oC. If a temperature rise of 30oC is obtained after 10mins, the heat capacity of the material is
    A. 6.0 x 104JoC-1
    B. 4.0 x 104JoC-1
    C. 1.2 x 104JoC-1
    D. 8.0 x 104JoC-1
  3. If 1.2 x 106J of heat energy is given off in 1 sec from a vessel maintained at a temperature gradient of 30Km-1, the surface area of the vessel is
    A. 1.0 x 102m2
    B. 9. 0 x 102m2
    C. 1.0 x 103m2
    D. 9.0 x 104m2
  4. When left in a freezer, a bottle full of water cracks on freezing into ice because of the
    A. increase in the volume of water
    B. contraction of the bottle
    C. expansion of the bottle
    D. decrease in the volume of water
  5. The change in volume when 450kg of ice is completely melted is
    [density of ice = 900 kgm-3, density of water = 100 kgm-3]
    A. 0.50m3
    B. 0.45m3
    C. 0.05m3
    D. 4.50m3274
  6. Tea pots are often silver-coated to prevent heat loss by
    A. conduction only
    B. convention only
    C. convection and conduction
    D. radiation only
  7. I. reproducibility
    II. Sensibility
    III. High thermal capacity
    IV. High accuracy
    The quantities of a good thermometer include?
    A. I, II and IV only
    B. I, III and IV only
    C. I, II and III only
    D. II, III and IV only
  8. The process whereby a liquid turns spontaneously into vapour is called?
    A. regelation
    B. sublimation
    C. boiling
    D. evaporation304
  9. I. Melting
    II. Boiling
    III. Refraction
    IV. Conduction
    Which combination of the above is evident of the molecular nature of matter?
    A. II, III and IV only
    B. I, II and IV only
    C. I, III and IV only
    D. I, II and III only
  10. When very hot water is poured into two identical thin and thick glass tumblers in equal volumes, the thick one cracks because?
    A. of the even expansion of glass
    B. glass is a crystal
    C. glass is a good conductor of heat
    D. of the uneven expansion of gas
  11. The thermometric property of a constant volume thermometer is?
    A. change in volume
    B. differential expansion
    C. change in pressure
    D. change in length
  12. An immersion heater rated 2.0A, 240V is used to boil water from temperature 52°C to 100°C. If the mass of the water is 2.5kg, determine the time taken to boil the water. [specific heat capacity of water = 4.2 x 103 Jkg-1K-1]
    A. 1.05 x 103s
    B. 1.05 x 105s
    C. 1.05 x 102s
    D. 1.05 x 104s318
  13. The thermos flask is designed to?
    A. prevent heat loss or gain by conduction, convection and radiation
    B. store hot tea or water
    C. prevent heat gain by conduction, convection and radiation
    D. prevent head lost conduction, convention and radiation
  14. What is likely to happen if the glass of a thermometer expands more upon heating than the liquid inside?
    A. the glass will break
    B. the glass will shrink
    C. the liquid will rise up in the stem
    D. the liquid will go down in the stem
  15. A drop of petrol makes a finger colder than a drop of water would because?
    A. petrol takes its latent heat of vaporization from the finger
    B. petrol takes its latent heat of fusion from the finger
    C. water is more viscous than petrol
    D. water has higher surface tension dan petrol
  16. I. Increase the melting point of the liquid.
    II. Increase the boiling point of the liquid.
    III. Decrease the melting point of the liquid.
    IV. Decrease the boiling point of the liquid.
    Which of the statement above about the effect on increase in pressure in a liquid are correct?
    A. I and II only
    B. I and III only
    C. II and III only
    D. III and IV only362
  17. A sealed flask contains 600cm3 of air at 27°C and is heated to 35°C at constant pressure. The new volume is?
    A. 508 cm3
    B. 516 cm3
    C. 608 cm3
    D. 616 cm3
  18. The blade of a hoe feels colder to touch in the morning than the wooden handle because the
    A. handle is a better conductor of heat than blade
    B. handle contains stored energy in form of heat
    C. blade is a better conductor of heat than the handle
    D. blade is placed at a lower temperature than the heat
  19. During summer, the balance wheel of a clock expands. What effect does this have on the accuracy of the clock?
    A. the clock gains time
    B. the accuracy of the clock is not affected
    C. the clock losses time
    D. the clock stops working395
  20. The thermometric properties of a thermocouple is the change in?
    A. equivalent resistance
    B. electromotive force
    C. colour
    D. pressure394
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1. A

2. C

3. Bonus

4. A

5. C

6. D

7. A

8. D

9. B

10. D

11. C

12. A

113. A

14. D

15. A

16. A

17. D

18. C

19. C

20. B

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