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The meaning of Honesty to put it simple is the virtue of being truthful and plain in actions. One big attribute of Honesty is being-straight, to be honest means another fellow affirms believe in the party being talked-about. Let’s simply put it as being open minded transparent and reliable. It means being truthful, upright trustworthy, sincere not likely to lie, chat or  hide facts. honesty as a value helps to promote mutual trust among member of the society. we must all be honest in our dealing because honesty they say is the best policy. One of basic value we cannot do without is honesty. The meaning of Honesty has more deeper meaning and it could also be relative I.e what it means to me is not what it meant to others


There are of course lots of Benefits that comes with being honest and along side it’s attribute, this include:

  • INTEGRITY : integrity means having strong, moral standard therefore a honest must have integrity.honesty must not be compromised in any situation.
  • TRUTHFULNESS : A honest person will say the truth at all time no matter what.truth is an important ingredient of honesty.
  • BOLDNESS : One major attribute of honesty is boldness.a honest person must be bold enough to face the consequences of his being honesty. he must be bold enough to express his feelings about or on any issues at hand, he or she deems it fit to drive to the left or to the right but instead stay focus and put trust in what is what, boldness is one big attribute of honesty that must not be spare aside, for one to be honest while attending to issue, one has to be bold and courageous in other to stand firm in front of temptation or intimidation.
  • STRAIGHT FORWARD : To be honest is to be straight forward in any action, be it conversational, or acting or exhibiting, someone who wants to see a product that cost $3 should not call it $6 because of the way you have seen the fellow or person, the best you can do is tell him the real price, no one know what, he can be the person that will reward that your act of being straight-forward, for this be honest in speech because speakers should always realized that there are hearers and interpreters out there, the best way to be honest and walk the best through life is to be straight forward in anything one is doing or ventures into.
  • LOVE : There are different forms of love of which i will not talk about in this post, you can subscribe to get the best of this site by sparing a minute to register with us with your gmail, for the purpose of honesty we are only going to talk about one main love i.e the Agape love, Agape love is the purest love on earth, the Christians do say that it is the kind of love that exist between God and man, though God in is Agape love created us all and make us the dominant of all other creature of the earth, with is real honest love he guides our steps, when you talk about Agape love, it can also exist between a man and a woman and also among peers, friends and folks, but the only thing that can make this exist is nothing but honesty, if we aren’t honest with one another then am afraid there wouldn’t be any existence of agape among us, we should try our possible best to be honest in deeds an does so that we feel the purest love on heart.

Thanks you all guys for reading this, we hope you have a nice time…

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