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Cut off point are a way of knowing how far an extent to which one’s admission is either certain or uncertain. for every year, federal and state university release cut off point, and this is that all the stated exam for getting into such school as all been written by such student.

Federal School : federal schools are at secondary level across the country likewise are federal universities, this university are either created by a statutory provision or under a federal law establishment, this schools mostly are created for the public at a very minimal price, for example UNILAG, OAU, UI, you’d sometimes see that the money paid per session (First semester and Second) is not even up to that being paid in a primary private school, funny yeah? how low could this have been, very very low that you’d laugh when you hear it.

State school : Just like that which has been said above, state school are those one’s created in the state but might or may not generally is for public purpose but rather for purpose and maximization of profit, although at secondary level, state might be lenient as to payment but at University level the money might be a little bit pronounced, an example of state institution or University is EKSU, AAUA, OOU and so on.

either you’ve pick a state school or a federal school or even a private school as the institution of your choice and write necessary exams, all you need to do now is wait for the cut-off mark which tells you your chance of success  before the main admission list is being released


for the purpose of this post, we’re happy to announce the the UNILAG cut-off point or mark for 2018/2019, find the PDF below


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