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  1. The driver splashed water all over me as he drove _____ A) Pass B) Passed C) Past. D) Passes
  2. The newly appointed ______ were sworn in at the capital city last week.    A) Director generals. B) Director’s general C) Director generals’ D) Directors general
  3. The old man hired Mr. Thomas and _______ A) I B) we C) me D) mine
  4. He ______ not absent himself from lectures. A) Dares B) Dare C) Didn’t dare D) Do dare
  5. The conference turned out to be ______ enlightening experience.  A) Five-days B) Five-day C) Five-day’s D) Five-days’.
  6. Ojo has an aversion _______ swimming  A) To B) For C) In D) With
  7. The poor ________ our attention and kindness. A) Deserves B) Does deserve C) Do deserves D) Deserve
  8. James Taylor has so many ………….as friends (a) assistant manager (b) assistant managers (c) assistants manager (d) assistants managers
  9. These old tables and chairs are very valuable ……… (a) items of furniture (b) furnitures (c) item of furnitures (d) item of furniture
  10. A very popular ruler is at the …………(a) helms of affair (b) helm of affair (c) realm of affair (d) helm of affairs


Identify the following sentences:

  1. ‘I wish I were able to swim’ (a) Past action (b) Present action (c) Future action (d) Conditional statement.


  1. ‘We wish you had been here yesterday’ (a) Future action (b) Present action (c) Past action (d) Impossible statement.


  1. James would have been promoted if only he had worked hard. (a) Past action (b) Probable statement (c) Present action (d) Future action.
See also  The first Africa to be ordained bishop by the Christian missionary school in addition to consecration as bishop of the Niger territory is ___________


  1. I would have listened to the boy suppose I were his father. (a) Future action (b) Impossible statement (c) Past action (d) Present action.


  1. The poor man was scornfully insulted as if he were nobody. (a) Conditional statement (b) Present action (c) Future action (d) Past action.

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