Importance of Matriculation Number in Universities

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Hello there, did you just got admitted into a University, or you are just curious about it, or you’re a parent researching on what your kid tell you about matriculation. I suppose this is for you and without further Ado, we should get into it. First and foremost Matriculation number is always short for Matric Number sometimes. Matriculation number is a set of digit which could range according to school or university issuing it, it mostly starts with the year or two numbers in the year the admission was given

Example 1 : 180503654 (the 18 that starts it gives the person the identity that he/she was given admission probably in 2018)

Example 2 :¬†202167908456271 (could be as long as this but what you’d noticed is that the digits are starting from the year the person got admitted.

Now let’s see the importance of Matriculation number¬†

1. FOR IDENTIFICATION: Matric number is given to identify such student in the school records, even if one has graduate in a particular university for as long as many years, the good stuff is if circumstances beyond such candidate hasn’t happened (death) where ever he/she is, they could claim that they’ve attended this institution and through matriculation number they’d be linked to the university for veracity of things like political post, qualifications in Job place.

2. FOR ATTENDANCE : More like your teacher or you writing your names and your surname in the register in your Secondary or High school, this serves as both, writing names can be taking time when you have your Matriculation number in the university. Although you’d be given an identification card which on it contains your Matriculation number and some other details of yours, you can use the ID card to sign or some advance University or Institution uses biometrics where your retina scan had be your attendance, finger print and so on.


3. FOR SCHOLARSHIP : There are lot of Scholarship out there you wanna apply for, be it you wanna change to a school abroad, or even within your Country, your matric number also play some role and it is very pertinent to have it cos it had be required of you.

4. SOME SOCIAL ACTIVITIES : when I said social activities I mean, your matric number on your identification number can grant you respect and make you by pass some protocols. Ranging from having to get all documents before you open a bank account, all that’d be needed could just be any of your documents carrying your matric number, another is if you’d want to go see a movie, with your Matriculation number on your identification card, you could see the film at a lesser price, come to services too at mall or delivery, you’re most time relief of extra charges by organizations.

5. FOR CERTIFICATION: With Matriculation number this is what gives you as a student the certification that you’re truly a student in this institution. It certify you and it through it your certificate is being issued at graduation.

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