How to prepare for UNILAG balloting

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This is like every UNILAG student mental health day, because you’d really be stress trying to secure space in the University hostel, I’m telling you, trust me, it’s not for the faint of heart neither is by power but sometimes the persons with the best network do win, so if you have 7g network around you steal or borrow it, joking! Better don’t steal and forget your admission, just saying make sure you have a very strong network that had help you over others, the bed spaces are limited compare to number of who’s balloting and as a year 1 student, I suppose you stay in school, so you’d understand how everything around here works, I didn’t regret staying in school in year 1 and 2, was a nice experience with people from different ends across the country in same hostel with you. Besides, UNILAG’s light is the best even if you like cooking beans, UNILAG allows you to bring Hot plate and all that your chef whatever to the hostel.

Prepare your mind for the worst and also have good network, so in summary:

1. Wake up early

2. Have good networkĀ 

3. Try to get many systems and ask people from far-away and friends be trying it for you

4. Have back up plan as soon as the balloting ends (so you’d close the best deal from people who do not want to stay in the hostel)

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