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1. The soldier who knew the area best led the search  A. Adjectival clause b. Adverbial Phrase c. Noun Clause D. Adjectival phrase

Answer : The answer is Adjectival Clause

Explanation : first thing you ask yourself is, is this a “clause” or “phrase“, how do you then know a clause from a phrase :

Clause are by default  group of words containing subject and a predicate (just mean it to be verb) e.g ” we abandoned the search” “as it was getting late”, clause actually are in two forms

  • Main/independent clause: these are clauses that can stand on their own without the help of other words for it to make sense. Like that of the example above “we abandoned the search” is a clause which can stand on its own without anything and make sense of itself as in contrast with the second example “as it was getting” late which does not make any sense when if that was alone uttered to another person. Actually it sounds lunatic!
  • Subordinates clause: these are clause that cannot stand on their own to make good meaning, most time the subordinate clause rely on the main clause to be meaningful like as that of the above  “as it was getting dark“, just imagine fixing it with the first clause there which is a main clause  so it’d become “we abandoned the search “as it was getting late”

while phrase on the other hand is by default a group of related word but which does not have a subject or predicate. E.g. “the Tall man”, “on the table”, “in the morning”

How do you then know that number 1 is A : firstly, ascertain the underlined or the one in bold is a clause,  I mean, if you check well you’d see a finite verb in the word if you read it all together, if so then you have a clause… Read more on clause and how to answer Grammatical name and Grammatical function.

2. They hunted him as a tiger hunts its prey A. Adjectival clause b. Adverbial clause c. Noun Clause d. Adjectival phrase

3. This is the Principal whose acts were tagged unclean A. Adjectival clause b. Adverbial clause c. Noun Clause d. Adjectival phrase

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4. we’d fight insofar the United State militia would support us A. Adjectival clause b. Adverbial clause c. Adverbial Clause d. Adjectival phrase

5. you have to check it well because the bag is under the table  A. Prepositional phrase b. Adverbial clause c. Noun Clause d. Adjectival phrase

6. elite A. Help b. Skirt c. Educate d. Navel
7. third A. Best b. Intern c. Surprise d. Father
8. chasm A. Chalet b. Chore c. Choir d. Chaste
9. Mirage A. Gauge b. Visual c. Age d. Gear
10. Haste A. Whistle b. Bustle c. Apostle d. Thyme
Interpret the following expressions:
11. The students should never have followed Mr Moses’s advice if they had not known his reputation. This means that the students. A. Trusted Mr Moses and took his advice. B. Trusted Mr Moses very much but did not need any advice. C. Knew what people said about Mr Moses and so refused to obey him. D. Did not know Mr Moses ‘s reputation.
12. People from all walks of life attended the Chief’s funeral. This means that. A. People of different professions. B. Both rich and poor people came. C. Both old and young people were there. D. People of different religions came
13. I took the wind out of his sail, when i quoted “Olumide, knowing that that would be his next move. A. Silenced him by forestalling his argument B. Changed the discussion to a friendly gossip C. Supported his argument D. Calmed down his fears.
14. You are simply splitting hairs but not able to make any important point. A. Drawing unnecessary distinctions. B. Rambling. C. Confusing unrelated issues. D. Deceiving your listeners.
15. I get the impression that Mr Toheeb is fighting shy for me. This means that Mr Toheeb A. Is trying to avoid me. B. Is afraid of me. C. Is preparing to attack me. D. Couldn’t look down at my reputation.
16. The equation of a line parallel to 2y + x = 3 and cut x-axis at -2 is (a) 2y + x + 2 = 0 (b) 2y + x + 1 = 0 (c) 2y + x – 2 = 0 (d) 2y + x – 1 = 0
17. Determine the point of intersection of the lines y + 2x – 4 = 0 and 2y + 5x = 7 (a) (6, 1) (b) (-1, 6) (c) (2, -5) (d) (-2, 5)
18. A regular polygon has each of its interior angle to be three times the exterior angle. The name of the polygon is A. hexagon B. heptagon C. octagon D. nonagon
19. The mean age of 20 students in SS3A is 16.2, the mean age of the 25 students is 16.5 and the 35 students in SS3C have mean age of 16.6. What is the mean age of the SS3 class? A. 16.39 B. 16.47 C. 16.53 D. 16.69
20. Aletan can do a certain job in 12hours, while Fuad can do the same job in 8hours. If they work together, how long will it take them to complete
the job? (a) 4hrs 24mins (b) 4hrs 36mins (c) 4hrs 48mins (d) 5hrs 12mins
21. The cardinality of a set R which contains prime numbers from 20 to 50 is (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 9
22. If x varies inversely as y. If x increases by 10%, by how much will y change? (a) 10% increase (b) 10% decrease (c) 9% increase (d) 9% decrease
23. Find the equation of normal to the curve y = x2 – 1 2 which passes through P(1, 0) (a) 2y + x = 1 (b) 2y – x = 1 (c) y = 4x – 4 (d) 4y + x = 1
24. Find the maximum value of y = 7 – 4x – x2 (a) -2 (b) 7 (c) -13 (d) 11
25. Evaluate ∫ 2 3 4

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(a) √3+2 4 (b) √3−2 4 (c) √3+1 4 (d) √3−1 4
26. The gradient of a curve is 2x – 6. If the curve passes through (-1, 5). The equation of the curve is? (a) y = x2 + 6x – 3 (b) y = x2 – 6x + 2 (c) y = x2 – 6x – 2 (d) y = x2 + 6x + 3
27. Evaluate ∫ 1
(a) ½ (Inx)2 + c (b) x2Inx + c (c) ½ Inx + c (d) 1 2 +
28. A sailor leaves port X to Y on a bearing of 1400 and covers a distance of 15km. He then proceeds to Z on a bearing of 2300 and covers a distance of 36km.How far is port Z from X? (a) 39km (b) 43km (c) 47km (d) 51km
29. An aircraft leaves Accra (600N, 350E) to Nairobi (600N, 1450W). How far is Nairobi from Accra? [Take 2πR =45,000km] (a) 22,500km (b) 25,000km (c) 11,250km (d) 12,500km
30. Determine the standard deviation of (x + 2), (x – 1), (x + 4), (x – 2) and (x + 7) (a) 10.8 (b) 2.7 (c) 7.5 (d) 3.3
31. Who is the current governor of Katsina State A. Aminu Bello Masari B. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu C. Mannir Yakubu D. Garba Yakubu Lado Danmarke
32. The 1990 world cup title was claimed by ___ A. Brazil B. Spain C. Germany D. Italy
33. The largest planet is the ______ A. Uranus B. Neptune C. Jupiter D. Earth
34. The position of Earth as a planet in terms of closeness to the sun is _____ A. Third B. First C. Fifth D. Sixth
35. The hottest of the planet is _____ A. Venus B. Mercury C. Earth D. Uranus
36. The study on how the Earth revolves round the sun was done by A. Isaac Newton B. Nicolaus Copernicus C. Johanne Keppler D. Albert Einsten
37. Which of the four planets are called the inner planet A. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth B. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune C. Mercury, Earth, Jupiter and Uranus D. Mercury, Earth, Jupiter and Neptune
38. The actual shape of the Earth is ______ A. Spheroid B. Ellipse C. Geoid D. Sphere
39. The first World War lasted between A. 1912 – 1917 B. 1930 – 1938 C. 1914 – 1918 D. 1939 – 1945
40. The ‘Africa’s World War’ experienced from 1998 to 2003 happened in which of the following countries? A. Congo B. Liberia C. Kenya D. Rwanda


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