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Election is the act of choosing or picking someone who will represent the mass in some sphere of the society which might be politically or Economically.

It can also be said to be the way people put some particular set of people to post for representation of their affair in Parliament or other government post.

Hearing the word election, we can also say it is an act of electing, when most people hears election they only taught of the election of people to sit alone, but election put more step further to be done in even lower levels like an act of electing a class captain for a primary or secondary school class is also an act of election.

Election is worldwide and it can be done at any level like town squares , land Lord association meetings and so much organization sittings which might call for electing a leadership.


For there is nothing in life that comes without no purpose, for has life have the  purpose of its Creation, so has election has the purpose of it’s conduction, now let examine some of the purpose why an election is conducted.

1. Choosing of leaders : election makes people choose a representative or someone who they know is gallant and is capable of being their leader who will with all his/her interest try to represent the opinion, views, interest and the desire of the people or his/her member.

2. Changing of government purpose: a country might have been experiencing unfair side of a particular regime, the thing is now like , the people of that society OT country stay calm for is tenure to complete and change him through conduction of new election, though there is impeachment for any unwanted or unfair president in a Democratic rule or “vote of no confidence” in a state that practise Parliamentary, so has recall is use to remove any lagging behind official of government who is found wanting of his post, but if all this removal process was one by that fellow in law court then the only ambush form of removal that can takes that unfair person out is now election, you can see the power of election!

3. FRANCHISE : it makes one franchise or suffrage not to be trampled upon, as said earlier in one of our post, we said franchise is the right citizens has to vote and be voted for in an election, the right move a step further in the second part by saying ones you have gotten to the election age limit of your country then you are good to go.

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4. BESTOWS LEGITIMACY : legimacy is the acceptance and recognition of a person as a legal elected to be the rule over some set of people who elect them, election bestowed legitimacy and the recognition of a leader to the people , note that before you call a government regine legitimate that means it is popularly recognise has the winner in an election.

5. IT A CONCEPT TO MEASURE THE PEOPLE’S OPINION : election is just like someone who tells the hidden thing he/she had about a particular something, as people reveal others secret, so do election reveals people’s opinion on a particular leader, a leader might thing  he is known for good, but unfortunately through election you as the candidate can get your stands it the level of section you belong in there mind.


1. DIRECT ELECTION : It is an act of electing your leader directly in an election for parliamentary seat or executive

2. INDIRECT ELECTION : Indirect election is one in which the people of a country does not elect there leader directly, you should at this moment wonder how then will it happen, the things is the people did not elect their leaders directly but choose some set of representatives who will in turn re-elect the new leaders , this system is call electoral college.


1. ACCOUNTABILITY AND EFFICIENCY: With the fear in the leader that if he isn’t accountable or efficient in is administration is reputation will spoil makes them do and try as much as possible to be efficient.

2. IT EDUCATE ELECTORATE ON RIGHT : with the advent of election many citizens have in one way or the other get educated in those process whereby political parties establishes campaign and parties to enlighten people to know what effective can the right they want to exercise is going to be good for the country.

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3. FOSTERS DEMOCRACY : Election makes you exercise your right, and by doing so could only happen in a democratic system.

4. ENCOURAGEMENT OF HEALTHY COMPETITIONS : Election is one of process that serve as a legal competition which does not look like gambling where other things are involved.

5. USE IN CHECKING GOVERNMENT EXCESS : The leakage or the ills of government could be checked through election .


1. Election cause the issue of grouping in the society, elections has its name dipict can split people into an uneven group whereby some set support where they belongs alone.

2. So far politics is the game of the amount of number a candidate took in an election, so as the minority group are not being favoured.

3. Many technical expert runs away from election just because they feel their are lot of evils associated with it .

4. The issue of stylishly being an errand to some political person in the process of election, election process turns many people against their real self ones they are being given token to sell away their vote irresponsible representative.

5. Issue of rigging is another thing, election are madly rigged when it comes to general one, even the lower level election brings about rigging, so this is one of the disadvantages.




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