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Weekend does come hard sometimes and sometimes very easy. Although, this depends on the person saying such, by this I mean, there are some people that has alot to do in the office, while sometimes, the success recorded in some weeks are way too optimum to be equal to the loss of the week. Anyways we practically going to look at what to do on weekends from 3 set of groups point view and they are as follow :

1. Secondary/ high school/University/ College Students 

2. Office worker 

3. Sole proprietor 

Secondary/High school/University/College student :

as an high school student or be it you’re in college or a university, you want to get your priority straight, I mean, most student don’t go for classes weekend, now the first thing you don’t wanna do is sleep off your time away on a Saturday in particular,  try to practice the principle of I’d be having class by 8am, just like you did throughout the week days.

The theory behind this if you rush out of bed in the morning,  you’re active and stong to do many chores and prolly revise few pages of what you’ve been pilling up throughout the weekday, then you’d just be very fulfil in your mind that you’ve done something. Study finds it that when you wake up on a weekend when the sun it set already, you have few chance of utilising such Saturday or Sunday.

So it is advisable to quickly get out of bed as early as 7:30, get a pen set the day achievable goal, don’t let it be too much so not to get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.  After writing out, start with the easiest of all, after achieving the easiest, cross them out of the list, move to the so call hard one, prolly chores and reading (this should not be more than 2 hrs or 3hr, depends on your course of study and circumstances, for you must have been reading in the week days yeah? Yes, it’s just matter of time before you see that the ones you can’t achieve ain’t a problem, by evening you’d have from 3:30pm thereabout  to yourself to rest or have chit chat with your friend or just have video games and all.



Office Workers 

let me start this part by saying, how are you? So sorry for all the stress you faces during the weekend,  I mean from the traffic to boss not being satisfy with some stuff, and if you’re boss, the way you also feel stress by your worker, but you know what this is weekend already,  I don’t want to believe you’re planning to go to that office again, what you wanna do early morning is wake up as early as 8am, start with a work-out routine, you can get app from playstore, that teaches how to stay fit.

After this then, then this hot bath, after that try and help your chores and after that, you can plan on preparing a mad stew, by mad, I mean a very delicious one with good aroma, you can go out to get things into the fridge, by 12 :30 you should be done, the next thing you wanted to do is sit yourself down in a very silent part of the house, or where you can get view with nature, then think about what you feel as way forward for the next business week or what has been the brain behind the multiple losses and how you can find solution to it.

Also, you want to think big about plan after retirement or unforeseen circumstances like sack (never pray this happen) or something, clear your head off the stress and find fortitude in the silence and smile at the good moment that comes to your head. From here you can know what next to do… try and forgive all people you’ve had issues with in office in your head cos if not you’d just find that you haven’t enjoy your weekend a bit


Sole Proprietor 

A sole proprietor is one who manages small scale business and most time he/she is the only one running everything together functioning as the boss,  servant, administrative worker, errand person.

The sole proprietor weekend should not really be rest rest rest! I mean, most sole proprietor are always stuck at that point where they’d want to expand their scope, new development and how to dominate market for maximisation of profit.

The way for a sole proprietor to enjoy their weekend is probably make one-third of the weekend as rest and the two-third for research and new innovation, although the category in light are people that are into work from home like a Vlogger, a writer, a Sole PR manager, content creator and so on, the list isn’t exhaustive neither does it cover all set of sole proprietor,  some had need enjoy well resting brain and few re-strategizing over the weekend, this is the kind of sole proprietor that moves from one place to another at the course of implementation their daily task.

Thanks a lot for stopping by to get this from us, we’re really grateful and keep coming for more of this

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