The full summary of Abraham story life

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ABRAHAM: Abraham introduced Christianity to Africa during his time in Egypt, Abram, who later became Abraham. At the age of seventy-five years, God asked him to leave Haran with his family, to a land he would show him. God promised to make Abram a great nation, bless him, and make his name great, so that he would be a blessing to others. He, his family, and Lot, who was his brother’s son, left with their possession to the land of Canaan. At Shechem, God appeared to Abram and showed him the land of Canaan. Here, Abram built an altar to the lord. After building the altar, Abraham settled his family north of Jerusalem in the hills between bethel and Ai. Bethel was the place where Jacob, Abraham’s grandson would have his dream in which god reaffirmed his promise to him. Again, Abraham construction of an altar in bethel marked this land as set aside for the worship of his God. Abram moves his family again to the Negev region. Negev was the name for the southern dessert region in the land of Canaan, it was a dry area, removed from any body of water. Therefore, the people of this region were completely dependent on the seasonal rain for their livelihood and survival.

The Nile River provided the Egyptian with reliable source of water resulting plentiful harvest and healthy livestock. This favorable condition made it a very appealing place for Abraham to settle down. If Pharaoh knew that Abraham was Sarah husband, he would have to kill Abraham in other to add Sarah to his harem so both Abraham and Sarah lied about their relationship while in Egypt displaying their lack of faith in God to provide for them. To appease God and end the suffering in his household, Sarah is returned to Abraham with instruction for them to leave Egypt.

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