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What is reading? 

Reading is an act of committing something into one’s memory for later use or forever use. If I should ask, is this all about reading? The answer to this questiontion is totally no! 
Reading is highly convoluted but simple in nature, how? It is what brings your initiative into the mind of the writer of aparticular write up just as you can try to view what I meant in this article.
Tinker opines that “reading is the recognition of printed or recognized symbols which serves as stimuli to the recall of meanings built up through the reader’s past experience”. If we take a look at what this scholar opine, one could realizes that the realization of what has been seen before and an act of recalling  is what he stress on. 
Reading can be define as the comprehension of the nature of the linguistic symbol which constitute a written language. 
Reading in the ordinary sense involves a mental and physical processes that can help the people to understand what is going on in the mind of the writer. 
From all written above, one could realize that generalize theory about reading is the sake of comprehension which means to understand what is been read. 
Comprehension is another process on its own, and it may occur in many sphere which depens greatly on the purpose of reading nature of the reading material 

  1. Aesthetic level :this is a sphere in reading whereby one appreciate the work of a writer I.e is sense of setting, brain, initiative on how story are done, this style is usefu in literal text drama, poetry and prose. Good eyes, sound mind, life experience are prerequisites for good understanding of a reading text. 
  2. Literal Comprehension : for something to be literal that means the thing is ordinary now we are talking of literal comprehensive I. e understanding something ordinarily in the normal sense, it is an act of knowing the sentences and phrases use in a particular sentences. E. g one should realize that chicken ordinarily meant that a family of bird kept in the cage for meat purpose later, but this kind of literal words are denotative But you checking them connotatively will ushers in new meaning. She married a Chicken in denotative means truly she married a chicken but in connotative which mean the person married a coward fellow. 
  3. Critical comprehension: this is an act of reading with full passions the process of using what has been read to compare the current life situation, in this case one will have fact and opinions, ability to draw inferences. It is reading one could relate to personal experience. 
  1. Intensive reading: from the word intensive one could realize that this is not a playing form of reading, in this type one has to get what is going on in the text that has been read so far, it is a reading that requires one adequate attention, it requires a very careful reading so as to be able to spot and correct the associated errors. This kind of reading might while away one time but after wasting all those precious time on it, one will noticed to have grab a lot from the reading. 
  2. Extensive reading : this is an act of reading for satisfaction sake and for pleasure purposes, just like someone reading from a magazine or newspaper, it is a kind of much but you read on in order to waste your time, coming on some point again and again. 
Normally if we should look the two classes of reading falls  traditionally into “silent” and “vocal” this may come in different ways but let us just quickly talk of vocal and silent. 
  • Silent– silent reading is a type of reading one reads in mind without any speech, most time when we read in the library and other official places of silent, we tends to do silent reading. 
  • Vocal – this is reading and talking which could be use to address large audiences, e. g  and also you can imagine when a teacher is addressing his/her student, all this are all form of vocal reading 
  • Skimming : this is an act of looking into many pages of a book or text just to get a general view about the topic, it is always easy for a reader whose aim is to have a gist. It is a system of just finding the main aim of a text and not the text itself, some people skim just to get what a write-up is based on and not for the detailed info. 
  • Scanning : this is when a particular information is specified on by the reader or user of a particular texts this is to find a particular objective and after getting it the reader say goodbye to the rest. In a news paper you can try scanning the job opportunity article, after that then put the news paper aside. 
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