Hint on how to go about your JUPEB exam

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A little help on how To go about your JUPEB exam

As much as it can be overwhelming and lot of you are furious🥺, I myself understand how tensed examination phobia can be, the shock, the imagination of when I get into the hall won’t I forget all?, anyways you’ve come this far for over 9 months and you don’t wanna Jeopardize this! and as to that I took it to myself to give some heads up


1. Try to follow your pace now, anything you are doing now should be summary, not writing note again

2. also try not to do the mistake of reading subjects for later time when a particular paper is tomorrow, for instance, the art student had be having Lit in English tomorrow, you don’t want to start reading government of next week, please avoid that mistake, best way to tackle a problem is face the momental problem, you’d find your way around subsequent later

3. Do lot of writing : I didn’t mean writing note, try to practice what you’ve been reading of hand into the note, with this you’d make a lot of mistake and check them up, you’d kind of find out that when you get into hall you won’t forget that same thing for instance, a science student who is full of himself might think he knows some components in chemistry, you try and write making you know down, you’d see one isn’t tapping in then from there you memorize well.

4. Set questions for yourself : try setting problem question/theory you yourself kind of hard you won’t be able to do, our mind is kind of built in a way that want to do what we know not what you should know, funny but you just have to set your self questions you don’t know, if there’s a problem with that, tell a friend smarter than you to set you one, JUPEB ain’t caring about your feelings remember?, just few quota to get in


5. Do not look at someone else’s pace : if you have those kind of friend that wants to flaunt their superiority complex, just to make you feel dumb, Don’t group read with them this time, go and do your thing separately, cos this ain’t the best time, heads-up they ( those kind of friend) end up not doing well. Run your race, JUPEB don’t care about my friend discourage me!

6. Get to the hall Early : this is very important, be it you are most brilliant, most superb, mid-brainee, not- too – scholar, get to the hall on

time cos invigilators can be funny most time, our of the 3 hours you are to write your exam, I don’t want you to imagine being delayed for an hour

7. Get every writing materials and Docket ready a night before the exam : it’s most pertinent that your pass and your writing materials are readily prepared over-night before the exam, so you won’t start telling stories that touch to the invigilator

8. Lastly, Pray! : well, you might be atheist, mid-believer, prayer warrior, prayer King Kong or i-just-believe please for what it worth Pray, I don’t know but prayer do support work.

I wish you best of luck in your exam cheers.


Writer : Rebecca

Editor : IBK Emmanuel

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