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Friendship is  an act of making people around you have good impression of you and at the same time allowing their mind free in line with yours.
Friendship doubles it meaning not to only means an act of making friend but also extend to the act of making they felt loyal and trustworthy to you, the love Mr A will have for Mr B can only sustain for a long period of time is there is the sense of loyalty and trust-worthy in the mutual agreement, life is worth living fine! But friends are more worth making.

Making friends is like freeing yourself from the bondage of the four corners of your house to express your feelings to  someone else who will be free and see your problem with another view to solving it, people will keep having contributions to your matters, it is you that really needs to keep on sharing it, with time you will get to a satisfactory solution of help, now let us talk about the 3 powerful strategies of walking with friends, grab a cup of tea and read as follow :

1. MAKE THEM FEEL YOU ARE LOYAL TO THEM : loyalty is one of the things that gives victory in any battle, as seen in many wars of the past in the stone age and the Elizabethan age, it is very glaring that any king going to war then try to get the loyalty of whoever is participating in the battle he is about to embark on, if this section is properly set, the battle then go on proper, this similarity that i am trying to draw out from old era is one in which could help you get the attention of your friends many time you need them, so as it could be one of the best way to walk with friends.

2. KNOW THEIR WEAKNESS : Knowing people‚Äôs weakness is not a few job or an easy task  some of your friend might have anger issue, some might be they don’t want disrespect, some might not like you abusing them, some might always want to maintain their dignity lane and at the same time some are very secretive, now let me pick the last person as an example, someone that is very secretive will only want to say few, those kind of friends should not be force to either say much or anything, leave them for a while, i bet you no one will tell them all best to say that it is matter of time before they will start reveling everything to you, so know their weakness, the likes of an angry person, don’t use provocative word that will trigger the anger in such fellow, so be concise and diligent when dealing with such.

3.LET THEM KNOW THE REAL YOU : never try to fake character for friend because so far that has been recorded, it has never end up well,  try as much as possible to show your real deal and the possible things you can do both positive and negative when it comes to the real and not ideal, make them know you are you yourself and everything about you is what make you up.

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