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As far as people continue giving birth so as life continue expanding and with this the need to live in it arises as one of the major thing one as visit the health for , as far as everyone is created to do either one or two things in life, life in itself is worth living because you have been born into it, it is just only for you to embrace this great 

privilege , after all goat, dog, mosquitoes are also living things like you but you were specially made for a purpose.

For every programmed to be properly execute, one needs plan and more plan to walk it through, this analogy is nothing but about the life of someone who as come to the world to embrace it, the planning of the birth of a new baby is unpredictable but at least i one way or the other needs plan and continuous plan.
Not to divert to trivial for the real deal why this post has been made, now i  will give you five (5) best ways you can and even teach more people how to plan for life, when i say more people i mean your family, your siblings and your relative around you  for real deal in life .
Here are the ways :

1. BE  OKAY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE : contentment in life is one of the leading values one should let take over in ones life,  when you are contend with what you have you seems not jealous and people around you keep feeling you are more than what you are, and what you are sometimes determines the level of respect you are going to get in people’s face, to be okay with what one have is to be self sufficient and hoping in future with an optimistic view that all will be well no matter come what may in life, contentment can always be and play one leading role in the life of every man who wants to have good plan for life.

2. DO MORE OF PEOPLE’S RELATION : your manners, your actions, your deeds, your doings and many more make this up, the way you relate with people is the kind of image they keep on sustaining in their mind for long, don’t think you will change your attitude tomorrow and first give them your bad side today, i will tell you my dear brother that first impression last longer , and this is one of those things that make you up in a society, try as much as possible to be fair in your people’s relationship and not harsh, from this point i think you are planning best.

3. FOCUS ON YOUR NEXT PLAN OF ACTION : For you to be fully successful in the race of life, you need to always be one step ahead anyone in your society, don’t let them know your current instinct, it is just for you to focus and be affirm in heart that no how no how i must be at least a feet faster, your next plan of action might marriage, might be business, might be any sort of wonderful thing, i don’t mean you not telling anyone but the only person you can tell is people like yourself, when i mean people like by yourself you should know i mean the person you have tested and you know their loyalty never fails , be very smart when  it comes to this and be very sharp when their is a problem attach, always be careful in everything.

4. PREPARE FOR THE WORST TIME :  The worst time is just part of every human life, but to counter it preparation matters, don’t do today and forget that you still have tomorrow be very wise as an ant that will gather all its food to its holes in dry season, only for it to keep on enjoying in raining season in its hole.

5. SERVE GOD : god is all in all be grateful for all is doing for you, your life and everything is in is hand, make good sure you thank him, he is great to sustain your life to a better plan.

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