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This has been an unanswerable question to some who believed that organisation might either make its profit from dubious way or through its popular means, I will assure you that the only proper trend you can always follow as an individual to get the
favourable means to know what popular organization do to get real profit now ask yourself that :

1. What is an organization?
2. What is profit??
3. What are they selling ?

For the sake of this post , you will get many right answers, now let start from


An organization is a company or a group of company dominated by people e.g staff, boss, casual workers, and instruments to work e.g computer, machine, mechanicals of which they aim for a particular goal of either rendering a service to the mass or by selling goods to them, the main aim of an organization is to achieve one particular goal and through this goal they get their profit, let for instance a mineral company will fight to be at the top of all others in a particular community, this is that the organization wants to make itself the best, so for that he has to be clear with what kind of goal will I have to attain? After an organization asked itself this, then the organization heads might have concluded that they want to be at the edge of every organizations through creating  “quality standard product” now to create a quality standard product, the mineral company then try all in its capacity to research on how high the standard of others that I want to compete with, after getting the logic, the organization at this moment can put one to two and getting the basic fact to which if they are to produce a better product compare to the most standard one out of all what are its chances not to run loss or liquidate at the long run.


After getting all reasonable fact then the organization prepares are great plan of action I.e following the best procedure to get profit, it’s most time better for big organization that want to involve in mass production because on both the short run, the organization won’t loss or even the long run will seems favorable all the way, one in all the best strategy then is put in place after research that might have been carried out by the public relation department of an organization, the reader has that has give planning will be what to budget the money I.e both expenses and income on, the extent to which the organization will have good future now depends on the budget and total action an organization want you take, no one will make good profits if you never think or plan well from the inception, the initial stage of an industry or an organization matters alot and better plan must be done around that.

Having understood the strategy that the organization can use to get to the profit level now, let move to the second aspect of the context I.e 


Profit is everything an organization set for after the rendering of that particular service has promised, the profit is what sustain an organization no matter what they are selling because the capital which is the money use in starting up a business, after it has been removed from the money then check on every normal expenses e.g payment of staff and reparations, after getting this done well the rest then is the profit you have made, bur don’t forget that the capital is now in your hand so you can enlarge your coast to get more and more  profit e.g you can venture into large advertisements that create better awareness in the mind of audience at home, this is a way to sustain the mind of existing buyer and to bring in new buyers, this makes your profit grows more and more.


But still mind yourself on lending out money, this is an organization, not a charity thing, if you had wanna involve in charity activities try to stay away from your income from the organization, though when your organization become big, even giving to charity will even be a advertising strategy, but as per the little you are coming up for now be wise and be brave at the same time.

With this we can move to the last thing on the context I.e


This part is for you not to get mislead by that boomed product you are looking at why can’t you think of that your favorite product that you know you can make boom, if so someone can make a product raise high to the extent you love to venture into it so as you too can also venture into new product that people will see and envy you of it.

Before wise and stay safe, you never know if that boomed product is just profit wiping, but with your passion on the new one in your mind, you will do exploit.

Though this is not to say you can’t venture into selling product but make research if that is what you like then and know all the how far about it before you venture into it with that little capital of yours, stay safe and do exploit, bye for now.

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